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  1. I would think it's possible...interested to see people weigh in though. I'm not sure I can offer any experience.
  2. Wow, a GOP pollster is on CBC crying about this...because American democracy is diseased.
  3. Lucky you! Around 3:45 (end at 4) I gave up working and just watched.
  4. Did you just see Trump's video message? He is deranged.
  5. I thought this would happen immediately after the election...when it didn't, I thought it wouldn't at all.
  6. The CBC (Canadian) reporter just got surrounded by 'protestors' (if I may refer to those dicks like that) and the CBC cut her feed to get her out of there.
  7. Seriously. Toby read a piece (a couple of days ago, before this) that the US was already in a civil war, just without opposing armies. Stuff like this makes me think, yes, that's correct.
  8. Holy hell Americans, I am so sorry. Today is shocking (and yet not).
  9. Cheese, how are you doing?

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    2. jarn


      Cheese, nothing to apologize for ❤️ 


    3. Unstrung Harp

      Unstrung Harp

      Jarn's right. Nothing to apologize for. We're just glad to see you.

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      happy to hear from you, chee. take care of yourself, and remember, we're always here to listen.

  10. Yeah I did some googling about zyprexa and it seems limited data. That's interesting, the link, though - I'd missed that. Toby said I looked like a moth outside of a lit room flying into a window - I just kept walking into it (it's floor to ceiling, but thankfully robust...there's also a mid-calf high radiator, which is also a good thing).
  11. It brings to mind a cake my brother's partner once got him for his birthday. All the iced flower petals that were...uh...suggestive. We called it the cunt cake. My mother seemed not to notice, she was effusive with her praise of it.
  12. I have a history of talking in my sleep, sometimes sitting upright to do so. Last night (NYE; I had consumed a bunch of alcohol between dinner and midnight champagne) and we went to bed very late; with that said, I didn't feel intoxicated) I woke my husband up since I was trying to go outside via our bedroom window (our apartment is on the third floor). He asked what I was doing, and I said I was going outside. He told me I had to go back to bed, I said, well, I have to pee, so he told me to go do that and then come back and go to sleep. He just told me about this now. I've no memory. Edit: He said I kept walking into the window, like it was a door. I take 30mg zyprexa. I'm not sure it/it plus the alcohol caused it (I've drunk alcohol on zyprexa before), or if it were just one of those weird things I do sometimes.
  13. I found that a bit odd, personally - it seemed to suggest if you developed psychosis under 30 (you're schizophrenic) or over 60 (you have dementia), but if you're in that in between range, it is a COVID side effect. I'm simplifying, of course. And I read it earlier today, cognitive impairment, so I'm relying on my sketchy memory lol. It is terrible you're still impacted...you'd think the fucking disease could just fuck off and leave people alone.
  14. I used to work with someone who told me that LGBTQ2S people were going to round up all the cishet people and force them into indoctrination camps. I mean, I told him he was an idiot, but also - how do you argue with that level of...unreasonableness? Delusion? Hatred? Flat out fucking nuts? I believe he also believed in the illuminati, so yeah. One day, after telling me that it was gay people's choice to be gay, he said 'I had the choice, and I chose to be straight' which clarified a lot of things in my mind.
  15. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/28/health/covid-psychosis-mental.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage Not common, but there are appears to be a connection between COVID and people ("older"...I doth protest that these people are older, being in that age range myself) developing psychosis.
  16. Ah yes, that's one of the bad things about COVID. I can tell my husband - he's understanding and doesn't overreact. I am lucky in that.
  17. I feel for you. Keeping busy is a good thing for me but it's hard during COVID - what about volunteering? Are there any opportunities? With respect to the embarrassment - I am sorry you're feeling that way. My psychosis tends to be very quiet because when people are plotting against me, or tracking me, I can't let on that I know. I am lucky that way. But I have to keep my stuff secret, even from people who know I get psychotic. They wouldn't understand.
  18. I think the flower idea is a lovely one. I've buried and cremated pets, I am not sure which I prefer (most of my pets have died in apartments, so...yeah).
  19. I hope it doesn't. Can you bring something to use as a calming device in case? Like with a scent or something?
  20. I haven't, but if I had to guess... You'll have to expose the area where the kidney is located under (am I an expert on biology or what), they'll put on some gel for the ultrasound wand. None of the ultrasounds (I've had) have been particularly long, though the longest I had was of my ovaries. I'd guess it'll be over in under 15 minutes (but that's a guess).
  21. One of my good friends went on it I am pretty sure - valproate at the least - and while he was sedated at first, he adjusted. He's doing his PhD and is super smart and hasn't lost a step mentally.
  22. I am bipolar and I've taken gabapentin for anxiety for years now (bad PTSD flare put me on it). It's AMAZING for my anxiety. YMMV, but I love it.
  23. Yeah...I mean, they said suspicious of, but I have the symptoms, my sports chiro and sports medicine doctor both thought that was it.
  24. Thanks dances. I've taken a second extra-strength Aleve (Naproxen) in four hours (supposed to be every 8-12 hours) - I've tried two migraine meds in the past, one did nothing, the other gives me AWFUL heartburn. So Naproxen is basically my fall back. It's a lot better, but I still feel tightness in my head.
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