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  1. I wouldn't hide it, that would get tiring fast I expect, and possibly cause more issues. If she's mental illness positive, you could suss out whether you want to openly disclose, or just sort of do it as you go - and as/if she needs to know. That's what I'm thinking anyhow.
  2. Oh interesting! I haven't - never heard of it. I think I'm in...perimenopause? The thing before full menopause? I'm 41 and seeing changes with my period.
  3. An article about a study showing genetic overlap between mental illnesses. https://www.utoronto.ca/news/psychiatric-disorders-share-underlying-genetic-basis-says-landmark-paper-u-t-research
  4. My mom's had two iron transfusions. I went with her to the first one to make sure she was okay afterwards (stayed over). She says they're not that bad.
  5. Oh no, I think it's placebo too! Rosie, that's interesting about anemia. Toby's been trying to treat his for a year, it's really a PITA.
  6. Oh yes. The joyfulness of all that. It's BS, is what it is. Because if it DOESN'T work, you've just spent a few months feeling sick for nothing. Though my aunt started an AD for anxiety recently and felt a difference within a week. I was shocked. Only antipsychotics have ever worked that quickly for me, and even then, not all of them.
  7. I'm with you. I have a very fuzzy dx and it drives me nuts. Maybe because I'm in Canada and I don't need X diagnosis for insurance purposes? I honestly don't know how it works here. But it bothers me to no end.
  8. I'm sorry you experienced that Cheese. It's an awful thing, I am also a survivor of rape. Have you done any therapy about this? I did some trauma therapy when my rapist (ex) was arrested, and I found it helped somewhat. Does your current tdoc have any trauma experience?
  9. We just got back from a 5 day camping trip, but stayed within the same province, and camping is naturally pretty distanced (wore masks when near people checking in/buying wood etc). I'd say it depends on what you have planned. Is it possible to stay in state? Would that make a difference? Not sure. But really, if you're not comfortable - would you enjoy it?
  10. I've not been formally dx'd with OCD (one pdoc said I had it but it was just a part of my overall larger MI and didn't need a separate dx - a psychologist and my current pdoc say I would qualify for a formal dx except it doesn't cause me distress) - but anyways, I have OCD symptoms. I have what someone here referred to as psychotic preoccupations - some people have said (violent thoughts) they were OCD and I wouldn't act on them, but current pdoc says because they don't cause me distress (if anything they're calming), they fall somewhere on an OCD/psychotic spectrum. Which is just to say, I think there aren't always neat buckets to fall into (not for everyone, anyways), and so maybe you have APs as well as ADs because of that?
  11. Does it? I thought it was supposed to be so good, I was really disappointed it didn't work out.
  12. When I was on it, pdoc started me sub-therapeutic - I think because he was worried about lactation, which I already had from loxapine. So when I started almost immediately I was psychotic. Dose got raised, I became manic. Dose got raised again, suicidal. Then I got taken off of Haldol.
  13. Cheese, I suspect those are discontinuation symptoms. I also agree this is something you should be doing with pdoc.
  14. My insurance covered it but my husband's didn't (I had to pay $46.93 out of pocket) - we'll have to look into it. But the Canadian insurance system is completely different than what you guys have. Edit: when I took Victoza before, my (old; I've switched jobs) insurance covered and my husband's (the same) didn't.
  15. @mikl_pls I've been on victoza before and it really helped my mood. I know you mentioned the weekly injections drug before, but I won't remember that - Toby and I discussed and agreed it wouldn't work. He's actually giving me Saxenda, so I should be able to go up higher. We'll see. (I'm not diabetic either) Thanks @dancesintherain
  16. Cheese, that's really scary. I can understand why you're upset. You take Metformin too, right? What dosage?
  17. Thanks dances! It was an okay appointment? I hope I advocated for myself effectively, but I'm not sure I did. We're raising the zyprexa to 25mg, and taking out Metformin and putting in Victoza (well, the weight loss version, which he thinks will be easier to have covered). I've taken Victoza in the past for mood and it helped, so fingers crossed!
  18. Thanks @echolocation - I appreciate it. I am so exhausted from being angry all the time.
  19. So...I have pdoc this afternoon. I've been trying to do a workout every day, even if it's just a walk with the dogs (ooooh). But I am still fucking angry. I think it overrides my depression. I just have this ball of anger, that I am trying to control but which makes me feel awful. Working out does help. But I'm not sure that's always reasonable. My husband thinks I go from highs to lows to anger. He thinks I should ask pdoc about victoza, which helped with depression in the past. Instead of metformin. I don't know if I need a switch to my mood stabilizer. I just know how I am now is awful. Re: zyprexa - I think it is mostly working, though we had a bin of water bottles in the bathroom (don't ask), and I thought there was something in the bin that was bugged and listening to me. I know it's not the case (and now can laugh at listening in a bathroom) but it took some mental work. I've been thinking about violent thoughts I've had in the past, not wanting to do them, just thinking about them and how I'll have them in the future.
  20. Putting this here rather than COVID because it's for 2019. I was impressed they talked about self harm as well as suicide. I hope it means people are becoming more aware of mental health issues in general. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/self-harm-suicide-canada-covid19-1.5675451
  21. I hear ya. I'm not delusional right now, but I am mixed and my increased zyprexa is taking tooooooo long to kick in. I hope yours help soon! Exposure therapy sounds like a good idea.
  22. Loxapine I used to be on, and have leftover. I'm not supposed to take it. Ativan I have PRN, I mostly use it for sleep. Gabapentin handles most of my anxiety issues.
  23. Yeah I am all over the place. My husband helps me feel better, but I can't ask him to stay home from work so that I'm not apoplectic (I am working from home, thank GOD I don't have to go into the office). I took a loxapine 10mg this morning, didn't do anything. Am considering trying an ativan.
  24. Pdoc said I need to be on higher (20mg) dose longer, and if I'm still like this in 1-2 weeks we'll reassess.
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