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  1. Yeah the OCD stuff is still there but I've worked it so it's not too intrusive in daily life. I'm not really sure how I managed it, to be honest. ED stuff is miserable. Stay strong, you can get through this.
  2. Of course. I've currently got most of my ED under control-ish - most people would not guess, unless they know me - but I can get how hard it is. And I have OCD type stuff (mostly intrusive thoughts, but some checking too; a psychologist said 'I'd dx you with OCD but it doesn't seem to cause you distress' - but that was after a lot of effort on my part to work on the checking) and I know how that can manifest with food stuff. I can't entirely relate to your situation, but I do know how hard to deal with this can be, even with me being fairly under control. I'm glad ACT was helpful l
  3. Hey, I've got the 5G in my head now that I've got the first shot...
  4. That is a positive! Good for you! I hope the ED ACT team helps. And, emerg is always an option I guess. Pdoc will know what to do when. You should be proud of all the self-advocating you're doing.
  5. He is so inept! It's pretty clear people living in low-income areas who HAVE to travel for work (no work from home) and HAVE to take crowded transit to go to work at crowded workplaces are the ones most affected. Heaven forbid there be paid sick leave mandated, and it just occurred to them they should vaccinate these groups. Just in time, at least in Toronto, for clinics to run out of vaccines. Toby got - even before yesterday's announcement - a letter from his store that he was travelling for work and required to come into work (they do ship from store and curbside pick up). He b
  6. Let us know what he says. I was thinking if regular inpatient could bridge you to the ED program. I dunno if that's how they would work together though.
  7. Worth asking. Or even a regular hospital program? Would that help at all?
  8. Four months. Wow. It is scary that so many people need help, and so few can access it. Would an in-hospital OCD program offer any help? I honestly have no idea.
  9. Something like this Andy? https://nationalplannerday.com/planner-groups
  10. I was just looking at NEDIC to see if there was a helpline...maybe? Couldn't tell if it was for people with ED or to get information. Just trying to think of helps while you wait. I'm glad your pdoc is so good - that's amazing.
  11. It is good the ball is rolling. And that you're recognizing your needs with anxiety. And you ARE deserving, absolutely. I know it's hard to believe it, but you deserve health and peace.
  12. I get it. It's not a matter of you taking a bed from someone with their whole life left ahead - you've got plenty of life left ahead too. You're deserving. There may be different life circumstances, but I still think you could get some use out of it. (My mom's going a bit bonkers too, at times - she's not bad yet, but I can start to see her age decline - it is hard to deal with that even, let alone full-blown things)
  13. It makes me livid too. As if navigating this wasn't awful enough. I hope your pdoc can get you in. I THINK I know what place in Guelph you're talking about - Homewood or something? I might be getting mixed up. That would be cash I don't have, and one OHIP bed. Sigh.
  14. I was alerted to the pigeons by one of our cats...and then I heard the cooing. We've been able to move the loveseat back since there's not a rug and tire behind it anymore. It's on it's last legs unfortunately.
  15. I really hope something can be worked out. If not the US...what about other provinces? Would there be reciprocity with OHIP I wonder. Talk about between a rock and a hard place Keep talking to us at least.
  16. I'm glad you updated. I think getting on a list now is a good idea. I am sure this is affecting your mood. I was eating low fat for a long time (zyprexa has raised my lipids) and when I started eating fat again - my mood was WAY better. I think being caught in that restrict/binge cycle is one of the worst. It's good you can recognize springtime is a bad time. What about intensive treatment for your OCD, if it feeds the ED? At least until you can get specialized ED treatment? Just spitballing.
  17. Oh I'm glad to be here. You're really stuck between a rock and a hard place. I've done mood groups and had a variety of experiences, but hopefully a Sheena's Place group would be better this time? I'm surprised the moderators didn't step in. 10 beds is ridiculous. Just awful. I know ED has such a high mortality rate - it is criminal treatment isn't better funded. Is pdoc attached to any hospital? Could he help?
  18. I'm so sorry. I would be dejected too. I don't know where you are in Canada, but I think they have online programs - maybe worth a look? https://sheenasplace.org/ And it's always okay to post. I was wondering if you'd gone quiet because you were admitted - I am angry at your options right now, none seem good. Could you travel between cities?
  19. I should say - I like pigeons. I like seeing them, I talk to them - on the ground. I do not enjoy them on my balcony. One of those buggers was on our balcony dining table the other day. Yech. Last Wednesday, a pigeon couple began expressing an interest in our balcony. I went out, several time, to chase them off. Even took Agis (our Rottie mix), who has a great passion for chasing pigeons. He was useless. Finally, I thought - well, we have an old boot rug behind the loveseat (where their attention was focused) so I popped my head over the loveseat, and sure enough, there were
  20. I always feel bad for men. It must be difficult to try to navigate personhood/manhood with toxic expectations. A lot of pressure. It seems like it's hard for a lot of men to show emotion, to be validated in their feelings. That's got to be awful. I mean, not all men, but even still. And for cishet men to show emotion for other men is again difficult. I am reminded - my husband is really not bound by a lot of 'men' things, but every now and then something pops up. We were sitting in a booth at our local, and one of the owners was wearing a cap. Toby said to me, I like that cap.
  21. You'll only know by trying. I know how scary and awful it can be. But if you do get in, and get help - it would be worthwhile. I hope the panic passes.
  22. I hope our encouragement can help you. It's really scary, but you need to get help. You have our support.
  23. I think you should go too. Tell them your pdoc is sending you - I've done that before. They took me seriously. Losing a lb/day is too much to be safe.
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