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  1. keppra - no side effects of any kind, but it didn't stop my seizures even at 1500mg twice daily topamax - couldn't control seizures and i had big time memory issues and hazy feelings in the head most days, 200mg twice daily lamictal/lamotrigine - immediately stopped auras/absence seizures and full, big-boy tonic-clonic ones, but i do think my memory is a slightly worse than before--200mg twice daily--if i miss a few doses and go through a period of little sleep i can have a breakthrough seizure, so i try my best to stay on top of it. still, it's the best thing i've tried. even though it was a nightmare when my epilepsy started at age 21, i feel lucky i didn't have to try more than three drugs to find something that worked. best of luck to you, my friend Oops, didn't realize this thread was so old. My bad
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