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  1. I am so scared and alone, i have nothing solid to hold on to. I feel like i am completley alone. I have these 2 voices they have been with me for years, but over the last year they have subsided dramatically until now. now they are back with a vengance. I cant talk to my family about them because it upsetes them, i cant talk to my friends because they dont understand. I am in therapy and i can talk about them then, but its not enough. I go through everyday with these two stupid people in my head yabbering on about how shit i am, how pathetic i am, how useless i am. They dont give u
  2. I changed because the depot injections just stopped working. They would keep the voices at bay for a week or so and then everything would start happning again (paranoia, hallucinations etc) plus the injections made me feel very yucky.
  3. Nothing on either side of the family that i know of. Only one to have a schiz diagnosis.
  4. I was 21 and away over seas on holiday when i started hearing voices. I kept it a secret for 2 years and was diagnosed with MDD. When i finally told the truth i was diagnsed with shizoaffective disorder. I have had a many diagnosis thrown my way, everything from MDD to BP2 and BPD and GAD etc.
  5. clozapine completely knocks me out. I need 10-12 hours sleep a night and i am groggy in the mornings. In a way i am happy cause my imsomnia used to be really bad
  6. I am currently on immovane, i dont know what it is called in America but it is helping me heaps.
  7. i fully know the feeling. It is aweful. I wish i have encouraging words to offer to you other then keep trying. try your hardest to eat healthy, exercise and drink lots of water. I know its hard but maybe we could work together in trying to overcome it.
  8. I have personaly found therapy really helpful, i have learnt so much. I went once a week for a year and now i go every second week. If you are in a bad way i urge you to seek help asap. Help is out there we just need to access it. Antidepressants help a lot, but as it was said earlier they take time. I hope things work out for you.
  9. I hear 2 female voices. They jabber on and tell me how horrible i am, what a terrible person i am, i should kill myself, i should starve myself etc They are nasty, very very nasty. They tell me constantly that i need to be perfect, i have to reach perfection eveything i do has to be to a certain standed or they go out of control. They also narrate my life, talk and give a running commantery. Thanks to clozapine i only hear them at night now and thanks to extensive therapy and courses i have learnt to live with them. I dont think my voices will ever fully go away but they are un
  10. Clozapine saved my life. I went in to hospital to get started on it. I had weekly blood tests for 2 months and now it has changed to monthly. The only side effect i get is horrible sedation. It makes me extrememly tired, but i have provigal to help me with that. I hope it works as well for you as it does for me.
  11. I have had ECT 3 times (12 rounds each) It really helped me a lot, however my memory of the time is a bit blurry. I had bilateral treatment done. Nothing out of the ordinary happened to me. I was woken up at 5am, preped, taken to the waiting room, went in had treatment, woke up in recovery and had a normal day after that. I did not feel groggy or have any side effects from the anesthetic, as i said before my memory was affected a little bit. For me the effects of ECT do not last. I will feel really good, no suicidal thoughts or depression for a couple of months and then it rears
  12. I have schizoaffective disorder and i work full time. I think i have the right combo of meds and i go to therapy. You get used to it after a little while. I hope one day you can rejoin the work force.
  13. I have schizoaffective disorder depression type. I was initaly diagnosed as having mdd, dysthmia and cyclothymia. It took me years to come clean and talk about the phsychosis i kept it private because i was convinced they were going to lock me up and throw away the key. When i did come clean that is when they labled me schizoaffective. Since being diagnosed i have been able to get the correct treatment.
  14. My meds have greatly cut down on how much alcohol i can drink. I used to be able to go through a bottle/bottle and a half at night. I truly believe i was self medicating, using alcohol as an escape. I never want to go back drinking that much.
  15. I have fixed hallucinations. 1) two femal voices talking to me all the time. They are MEAN. They tell me to kill myself, how stupid i am etc etc. I have them under control know after many years of hard work and medication. 2)Thought broadcasting. I think my thoughts are radiating out of my head and everyone can hear them. I also have this under control know. 3) a man stands at the end of my bed. He doesnt speak, move or anything he just stands there. I used to be scared of him but know i just ignore him.
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