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  1. I was concerned about taking Lithium at first too. I have a bad habit of researching things until it scares me. i've been on it for almost sixth months (i think) and it's not bad at all. like everyone else, the side effects are minimal for me. thirst mostly. just be conscious of yourself that's simple enough isn't it.
  2. Don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining. Not even a little. (The last concoction made me tired, boring and fat). I'm just starting to get worried. I don't eat until it's time for me to make a meal for my husband. (Which is only dinner because we both work early shifts.) I begin to feel nauseated by mid day, and usually don't want to put anything in my stomach. but most of the time it's because i simply forget to eat. I seem to lose track of my physical need for food especially while at work or doing something I'm super focused on. When I do finally eat, i'm satisfied with he smallest morsel. This is extremely abnormal for me. i'm also on edge (swing style), waking up every 2 hours after taking 15mg Imovane. Losing my train of thought, feeling confused at times over details i would normally understand without issue. Oh, and i'm griding what sounds like "through my teeth".
  3. an-dree-yuh


    MAY - That last one looks a lot like sorrel to me. does it flower? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sorrel
  4. shaking in my boots.

  5. Thank you very much!!

  6. you got the better job! rock on!

  7. I'm working on this too..and i know it's hard but it's harder if you keep doing it. You've got to try and redirect that energy into something you love..you're a creative girl, use that. It takes a lot of work and dedication, but you can do it. xox
  8. Indeed it was nice chatting! I'm glad you found this site too, you'll make some great friends here. XOX

  9. It was really nice chatting with you earlier.I'm glad I found this site.Kisses to you!

  10. Hey..just a heads up. I was looking for information here regarding lithium and noticed the PI sheet link is broken. -A
  11. I can relate to what you're saying. it's no fun feeling alone...most times when i finally get the opportunity to make those connections i'm silent, and always worried that what i have to say isn't important or worth listening to. or they aren't going to like me. the anxiety kicks in and i feel alone and misunderstood again.. but you have to find the things in people you CAN relate to..is that makes any sense at all.
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