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  1. Great. Irrational hate of Oxford covid jag, AFTER I havecalready had it

    1. jarn


      :(  That's the Astra-Zeneca, right?  That's likely going to be the one I'll get whenever such a time comes to pass

    2. helenllama


      Yeah that is the one, nothing wrong with it. I just hate it for no reason

  2. Now he is talking of coming back to Scotland. But his antics here have turned the people of Scotland against him. And that was before he even talked of running as POTUS. ps - By European Standards the democrats are not socialists either.
  3. Finally, after 11 weeks I managed to do my own shopping, and get it delivered. Supermarkets are still in trouble though. 

  4. Yep another 3 weeks at home and in the field. 

  5. A bit of light entertainment, from a comedian who has been covering the Scottish daily briefing but says everything as it is.. Today is on topic (Trump and Bleach)
  6. journalists where bringing this up at The Scottish briefing at lunchtime. The one with the clinical director for NHS Scotland too. Needless to say it got slapped down multiple times.
  7. We already have milk delivery and organic veg delivery services. They are oversubscribed now plus it is at a point in the year they struggle with veg too. It is just the supermarkets, the legal teams are trying to work with the government as well as the supermarkets at the moment.
  8. Not that simple. We have no instacart style delivery service, it is the supermarkets Doing their own delivery. However the U.K. law also implies that reasonable adjustments have to maintain a persons independence. Also it is not exactly a good idea for a person who is extremely vulnerable to being taken advantage of to ask anyone else to do their own shopping. This is not about a general struggle to get groceries the whole problem in the U.K. is the denial of a access to a service that is still being run and no alternative Reasonable adjustment being offered.
  9. In the U.K. you are only getting access to online delivery if you are elderly or at very high risk from Coronavirus, hence housebound disabled are missing out, as well as those who have no help, that is why it is looking like legal action is being taken.
  10. Yes it has come to that, Disabled People are being denied access to online shopping no matter how long they have been shopping online it is no longer being seen as a reasonable adjustment. And the supermarkets are telling in some cases extremely vulnerable people (to being exploited or taken advantage of) to get people they may not really know to do their shopping for them. https://www.disabilitynewsservice.com/coronavirus-supermarkets-face-mass-legal-action-over-discrimination/
  11. A larger french trial has also reported back as no significant difference between placebo group and the group treated with hydroxychloroquine.
  12. Everyone is entitled to NHS dental care. You just have to find a dentist taking on NHS patients.
  13. Nope and surely International Peace Treaty should be treated with more importance than the result of an advisory referendum.
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