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  1. Maybe, but we are looking at a SNP landslide up here good, but even more disrespect towards Scotland coming from BoJo and co.
  2. Nope nope nope. Makes do difference in regards for IndyRef2 or UDI. In terms of the EU/EEA shouldn’t be too difficult in terms of how entwined UK/EU law are and will be for the next few years
  3. FYI: This thread is the reason I am even more pro-independence for Scotland now than I was five years ago. Not as many schenanigans in Holyrood as it is a minority govt. (And then there is the fact in a UK based referendum what Little England wants, Little England gets)
  4. I like the muppets too. Kermit would definitely make a better prime minister than ours. So would Miss Piggy for that matter. Heck even give me the Lemur from most wanted.
  5. Piss up in a brewery. Piss up in a brewery. ARGH. Muppetry about in Westmonster
  6. Just waiting for a referendum date or NS to declare Indy here. Only way out, or the Celtic Nations leave Little England alone and go together. Welsh are now talking about Indy to.
  7. I am in the UK so I titrated Priadel (brand name extended release lithium) at 200mg for the first week, 400mg for the second, 600mg for the third and then on to 800mg, I have been up to 1gram (1000mg) because I was manic, but then dropped back to 800mg after a blood test showed a high level. I had blood tests after 600mg and at 800mg titrating on to lithium.
  8. Nah too busy trying to figure WTF is happening over here. At least The Man in The Oval Office is not doing his best to rip up and International Peace Treaty like his pal over here.
  9. No, the person in the White House. He managed to piss of a whole country, more than once, and then when elected decided to impose himself on another countries politics, after losing legal cases regarding an offshore wind farm. Nicola is a competent leader with the disadvantage of it being nearly impossible to have a majority in Holyrood. And having to try and deal with the greens to get anything through, and they don't give in for everything.
  10. I remember the protests when he was elected in Scotland. He managed to piss off a whole county (Aberdeenshire) and country (Scotland) over a Golf Course well before he even thought about running for President. Oh he has liked walls and earth banks for a very long time. Just ask the Balmedie residents. Boris Johnson is pissing off that same Country AND Wales. We are going and if it was not for lies (The real Project Fear) we would be well and truly out of it by now. ps Fluent in Silence and Ananke - Nicola or Boris?
  11. Double check OTC meds as well, and make sure they are not prescription only where you are going. (The UK has a some the contain low doses of codeine and dihydrocodeine in combination with paracetamol) Also some countries require doctors notes for controlled drugs where you are going.
  12. He has got muppetitis, and unfortunately that is cruelty to Kermit and Miss Piggy and the Swedish Chef. No in all honestly he looks out for #1 - He, Himself and Him. Lets just say his opinion changes every time it will benefit him. And pro-EU nonsense has appeared from him, and then he suddenly changed sides in earl 2016, to increase his chances of being Prime Monster.
  13. There have been other planes with major issues with either the design etc that have caused more than one crash. But until their is a fault that causes an accident it is not always possible to know the fault is there. There is a good Air Crash Investigation (aka Mayday) episode around a fault that took three crashes to even figure there was a fault. Also remember there were hundreds of 73M flights that took off and landed with no issues over the same period.
  14. This is not about the media. Social or Mainstream Media. This is a real thing that effects peoples lives. I was on the verge of LEGALLY moving to Spain/Southern Europe. It is has had to stop just because of the Brexit uncertainty. And the fact that come Brexit day I LOSE THE RIGHT to just up sticks and move (as long as I can support myself) to 26 other countries. This is about the UK Govt not trying to find the middle ground, compromise, ripping up a 20 year old international peace treaty, just to do what they want.
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