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  1. ... that will be the obstacle more than anything else. Hate for that to discourage someone.
  2. You don't have to have mood swing for schizoaffective. The psychosis pretty much just has to last longer the affective disorder. There's also a gender bias-- were you tested or just slap with a schizoaffective label?
  3. Socializing is the best path to recovery. Contact with other people breaks the cycle of isolation-- no pill will do that. Group homes are no better than the institutions they emptied 60-70 years ago. Keep trying, don't get discouraged. Your super for being such a great friend!!
  4. "Every day, 850 adults and 250 children with a mental illness are added to the government disability rolls. What is going on?"-- Robert Whitaker I'm working with Vocational Rehabilitation to find employment. If your problem is work then why not see a specialist for that problem. Psychiatrist isn't interested in helping you find employment.
  5. Probably not the study AirMarshall referred to ... however it references many others. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2871716/
  6. A couple of those symptoms you mentioned are worrisome from a medical stand point. If you can't get a hold of your pdoc, you might try the ER and have them contact him/her.
  7. Information on the decline of schizophrenia in Finland. Schizophrenia is a label, there's no medical test for schizophrenia, so if they stop handing out the label as they have in Finland the incident rate is bound to go down. Sorry if I insulted anyone. http://archpsyc.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/abstract/56/8/733 http://www.springerlink.com/content/atn66de310qa0bb2/
  8. As I said earlier, most schizophrenia is misdiagnosed trauma. So genetic research is hampered by a large polluted population. I think there is a genetic form of schizophrenia and it probably looks like disorganized schizophrenia. The schizoid character would be the individual whose cognitive reserve is an enough to still function while schizophrenic is the one who lacks a sufficient cognitive reserve. This is not a personality disorder, this is what happens when traumatized parents raise a child. What you say about yourself here is what I would call a schizoid state. The schizoid state is a natural psychological defense and does not mean you have a personality disorder (though you would probably qualify under the DSM- Diagnosing Shit for Money) but it pretty certain you've been traumatized in some way if it is making you uncomfortable or completely dominating your life. I can contribute something on autism, I wound up on high doses of antihistamine after developing a urticaria rash which showed Darer's sign which is an indication of mastocytosis. Mastocytosis maybe related to autism. This is not my subject area however IFAK the theory is it's caused by brain inflammation which is the same reason I am on low dose doxepin (which is a super strong H1, H2 & H4 antihistamine that crosses the blood-brain barrier).
  9. The basis of my thinking on schizoid is that of Guntrip and Fairbairn and Object Relation Theory. I'm familiar with the DSM's definition of schizoid personality disorder and Millon's work-- both of which to me is complete rubbish. The schizoid personality disorder (as defined in the DSM) would include both the schizoid character and the schizoid state because it can not distinguish between them. The schizoid character is probably genetic. The schizoid state is the result of trauma. I speak of disordered individuals here-- not introverts. Introversion is a personality trait not a disorder. The psychopathic schizoid is the forensic term for the violent schizoid-- these are unique entities which are distinct from psychopaths or sociopaths.
  10. WOW! I guess I got the discussing going. I've been out for my med check (lol not on any) and it took four hours. I'm a bit bushed but I'll try to reply after I eat something.
  11. I don't know much about Asperger's. I run a support group for those in the schizoid and schizophrenic spectrum (which includes AvPD). Most of what is diagnosed as schizophrenia is nothing more than untreated trauma. I think the Finns are right schizophrenia is rare, 1 in 100,000. Here are a couple of traits I use to differentiate the schizoid character and the schizoid state which maybe useful in this discussion. First, the schizoid character is one of repressed emotions as opposed to suppressed emotions of the schizoid state. Those is a schizoid state will show some emotions, they have a conscious, they will have beliefs and hopes-- these become detached in the schizoid state but they are still there. The schizoid character is never lonely while those in the schizoid state will miss companionship. The chief complaint of those in a schizoid state is loneliness. The schizoid character will usually not dream while nightmares are common to the schizoid state (lucid dreaming is different story). The schizoid state is almost always related to trauma bring up this trauma will usually get an emotional response. The schizoid character borders both psychopathic and psychotic traits-- the schizoid character will have a life long history of violence and/or psychotic breaks. The schizoid character is rare, schizoid state is something everyone has experienced.
  12. Need to differentiate the schizoid state and the schizoid character here. The schizoid character is born schizoid and dies schizoid. The schizoid state is transient and common to many disorders such PTSD and psychosis.
  13. I think my cat saved my life last Saturday. I have a bad back, not only chronic pain but incontinence which has been getting worse. I can't sleep on my back normally because it's just too damn painful. I got tramadol for the pain recently, useless shit unless you take it with hydroxyzine then it rocks! Anyway it not only knocked me out but I also slept on my back-- big no no. When I sleep on my back I get urine retention, I can't pee, I can't even tell that I need to pee till I get up. Another words, I can die in my sleep when my bladder ruptures. If my cat hadn't woke me up, I'd probably would've died in my sleep on Saturday. Thanks Demon, you've been a useless poop machine most of your life but you made up for it by saving my worthless life.
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