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  1. i was told i have not updated my twitter status in a while. so i am updating my status. this is my updated staus.

  2. is feeling funky :/

  3. Thank you! I hope you already know I find you very beautiful and totally inspiring.

    Nothing you said was weird at all. I appreciate it. =)

    Good luck. I hope your week stays better!

  4. hi RS! i find you very interesting, as well as very cute! not exactly in a sexual way. not to be...weird or anything :/ but i just wanted to let you know :)


  5. woke up @ 0400 today with my SO. took a shower, got dressed, did all thos 'hygeine' things AND i applied for a job! very excited! and today will be very productive otherwise. feeling much better these past couple days after a week of funk!!!!

    1. nibblerd


      "with my SO"

      well that's new! :)

    2. Mackie


      6 months :P not exactly new. but its new enough! and its niice :)

  6. woke up @ 0530 and had a headache about an hour later. turned into a migraine around lunch. firoricet and fod helped a lot. until the headache returned during my class :/

  7. feeling better after some hope from the cardio. but feeling a bit...uhg :/

  8. taking a break from life. besides school and my peeps. tryng to figure out my neuro/cardio health crisis thing :S

    1. humanoid


      you deserve a break :) hope things go well for you!

    2. Mackie


      thanks :) i just hope my docs can figure it out this time. i hate being physically ill :/

  9. i go to work at 8am, to which i had to wake up at 6am to leave at 7am. and after my other other job i was excited to know i was leaving at 1015pm. HOWEVER i didnt get home until around 1am. thanks to my stupid brain by leaving my car keys in my jeep in the ignition and locking the doors. WITH the light on. now thats crazy effed up shit!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mackie


      yeah i dont know how i pulled mine off eaither. but thats what being a space case will get me. im way too inattentive :/

    3. bpladybug


      that sounds exhausting

    4. ginger_flybaby
  10. 6am: wake up...7am: leave for work...8am to 430pm: work...5pm to 6pm: counseling...630pm to 12am: other other job (loooong day)

    1. SUEzie


      Wow. This IS a long day! You take care of yourself, Mackie.

    2. bpladybug


      wow, that is pretty intense Mackie

    3. Mackie


      yeah this past week and a half has been uber crazy. but im trying to take care of myself! the LAST thing i need is a relapse. :S

  11. busy, busy! feels like im always doing SOMETHING. i love being productive, but im afraid of stress causing triggers :o

    1. That Girl

      That Girl

      Just keep working your skills / tools girl... Being aware = being ahead of the game :-) (and don't forget that relaxing occasionally can be equally as productive as being on the go - depending on how you look at it!)

    2. Mackie


      thank you! that is very true. i never thought about it that way :P

  12. im just noticing the play im working sound for is next week!!! im trying to crunch down but that leaves me little time for my SO :((

  13. back to the grind! i leave in 5 mins to go to my other other job. ill only be there for a couple of hours. because then i have to go straight to my real job for a couple of hours. thank god i dont have school after work today :/

  14. pinkeye is GONE! go back to work fri, and back to my other other job. im kinda happy about it, but ill miss being lazy. but ill enjoy being busy and productive.

    1. bpladybug


      I hate pinkeye, have not had that for years.

    2. Mackie


      yeah and i have NO idea how i got it either. although i read allergies can be a simple cause.

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