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  1. I take a relatively low dose. My pdoc started me out at 0.5mg, then 1mg, and I now take 1.5mg. I noticed a difference at 0.5mg and noticed a greater difference at 1mg. I'm not sure there's been a huge change going from 1mg to 1.5mg.
  2. The miracle drug for me was Mirapex (pramipexole). It's not directly prescribed for Sz but there's literature my pdoc came across indicating that it has a positive effect on negative symptoms. It didn't help with self-care for me, but I regained my attention span (which had been missing for a while) and it also reduced the emotional flatness that made it difficult to engage in things like hobbies.
  3. I've had some minor changes (doses are total per day): Seroquel XR 600mg - Schizophrenia Lamictal 300mg - Mood Prazosin 3mg - Anxiety Klonopin 1mg - Anxiety Mirapex 1mg - Negative symptoms N-acetylcysteine 2000mg - Negative symptoms & OCD Metformin 1000mg - Metabolic syndrome
  4. I've forgotten to take my dose and I felt horrible the next day with flu-like symptoms (my old pdoc calls withdrawal from it as the "Seroquel flu"). I'm not a professional, so I can't tell you the implications of taking your dose in the afternoon, but I would have done so.
  5. As you mentioned, Fanapt has a very low incidence of akathisia. As in, they found that the difference in the rate of akathisia on the medication versus on the placebo was not clinically significant (source). I've gotten akathisia on pretty much everything except that, Saphris, and Seroquel. The half-life of Fanapt is long enough that my pdoc had no issue in letting me take it all at night. The reason I stopped it is that it wasn't very effective at treating my psychosis.
  6. Same question. A dose of 1200mg is 400mg above what the highest recommended dose is for Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia.
  7. When do you take it? I’ve been advised to take it in the early evening (like 7ish) to avoid hangover effects.
  8. This (for theme), Wish You Were Here (also for theme), and The Division Bell (for acoustics) .
  9. I've been able to hold down a full time job since I finished school. This year has been rough though, so I had to take a couple weeks off to focus on getting better after partially relapsing, but I went back to work after.
  10. I heard my recently-passed cat meowing last night. It was terrifying especially given that I don't hallucinate often. I think the past few months are catching up to me and causing breakthrough symptoms. I'm already on a decent dose of Seroquel... I messaged my pdoc asking if there's something else we can do, like raise the Seroquel.
  11. I've been having a lot of breakthrough symptoms recently. I brought it up with my pdoc when I saw him yesterday and asked what options I have. We've had issues with raising my Seroquel dose (sedation) or adding other AP's (akathisia), so he instead suggested we try to better increase Seroquel's effectiveness by adding either a mood stabilizer or Mirapex. I let him decide and he ended up choosing Mirapex. Has anyone tried this med before, or had it prescribed to augment another AP?
  12. I get this with phrases of movies or shows I've recently seen and also with stuff I've recently said, though I think this is more part of my OCD than Sza.
  13. I did during one of my relapses. I thought that the garlic pieces in the garlic lo-mein I would order (frequently) via this one take-out place were microphones. It was during the same time that I couldn't listen to music because I thought the music was somehow tapped by the CIA.
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