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  1. How are you doing, crtclms?

    How is your husband doing? 

  2. A great site to learn correct, up-to-date, information about MAOIs is PsychoTropical Research at https://psychotropical.info/ . At the site, you can also get the modern "MAOI diet" (up-to-date with current practices in commercial food preparation -- versus the ancient lists you see elsewhere that were created 75 years ago). The site is the creation of Dr. Ken Gillman, who is an expert in SSRI syndrome, with many journal articles published in quality peer-reviewed medical journals. I'm currently on Emsam. I'm a fan of MAOIs. Emsam has a much better side effect profile than any SSRI I was on -- as the side effects I have on Emsam are essentially none (did have some insomnia at first, but even that has resolved). Emsam is outrageously expensive now. When I first started taking it, it was $400 for 30 patches. Now is $2000. Outrageous. Tranylcypromine and phenelzine should be much cheaper.
  3. VE, I assume you have repetitive strain injury (RSI) on your left hand? That sucks hard. I think it’ll be a while before you can use a keyboard for long periods. I would suggest you recruit someone with IT skills to implement the new chat system for you. Perhaps headrift could implement a chat system you like? Otherwise, lots of depressed IT people out there who might volunteer. Also, do you still need money? How much? I should soon have enough income that I could contribute some serious cash.
  4. I never liked The Nightmare before Christmas - not so much for the story or whatnot - I think it's the stop-motion animation bothered my eyes/brain. Just seemed uncomfortable to watch.

    Haven't seen the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus yet - I have the blu-ray, but haven't had time to watch it. It's hard to think of a Terry Gilliam film I don't like; my favorites are M...

  5. Hey, what's been going on?

    If you can't think of anything to post, try posting a picture like this with your favorite eye makeup:


    This is actually a very challenging picture to take, especially if you're trying to do it yourself.

  6. Bonjour Kodos

    Je viens de lire vos messages. J'espere que vous allez bien de votre cote. Je suis heureuse de voir que des gens se souviennent encore de moi malgre mon absence =)

    J'ai commence a travailler a temps plein dans une usine, c'est pourquoi je ne vais plus a l'ordinateur. Je vais essayer de donner des nouvelles plus souvent, promis.

    A bientot!

  7. Venez sur le cyber, nous donner une mise

  8. Haha, no way could I pull off that look!

    That's sweet though :3

  9. Comment faites-vous? Permettez-nous de vos nouvelles.

  10. Hey Kodos :)

    No, she's a friend, my sisters look nothing like me haha.

    Yeah, we've had a few hot days, looks like we're in for a hot summer, at least 45 degree days -__-

    How is everything going for you?

  11. Base to Aimee, Base to Aimee - you can end radio silence now. :-)

    Is that your sister on the right side of the picture? Is it warming up in Australia? If I ever went to Australia in December, I'd still call it "winter" even if it's hot - just too ingrained to think of December as part of "summer".

  12. Miss me? Haha I'll write one just for you tonight :)

  13. come on Aimee, write something...

  14. Other: Looking for pDr who doesn't suck in the metro Phoenix area and a therapist!

    Dr. Karen Chaney, M.D. Scottsdale

    Cash only, though.

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