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  1. If you need/want to talk trans issues [particularly of the "why the fuck am I such a girly transman" variety] you can hit me up on AIM @ hawtmud

  2. Just here to export my blog.

    1. bpladybug
    2. Mackie


      just here for a drive by hello.

    3. water


      hey! you came by and never said hello?

  3. Okay, so I know the poster is long gone... but since it has been bumped anyway... But I'ma just say, this is fucked. And I hope they failed.
  4. The description of this board specifically says that the mods will remove posts encouraging disordered eating.
  5. The moon's too bright, the chain's too tight, the beast won't go to sleep...

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    2. bpladybug


      I write the songs that make the whole world sing. I write the songs of love and special things.

    3. bpladybug


      ha ha ha you did'nt expect that

    4. mudpuppy


      No. No I did not. :D

  6. The OP was transported by police. Cuffing ANYONE transported by police vehicle is MANDATORY 99.9% of departments, and has nothing to do with the person being MI.
  7. A serotonin reuptake inhibitor increases the level of serotonin in the brain by causing less of it to be taken up, leaving it in the synaptic gap longer than normal. So, SSRI + something that promotes more serotonin production = MORE serotonin. They don't cancel each other out.
  8. Good thing I don't eat any of those things then! By the way, poultry AND turkey? Hardcore list of things to avoid. Turkey must be extra baaaad. What're they covering chocolate-covered strawberries in, these days?
  9. No. JRTs are evil little bastards. They are stubborn, unflappable, dominate, clever, and have absolutely no concept of their size. I have seen JRTs whip the snot out of German Shepherds and Rotties. Anyone who can train a JRT has my undying admiration. I'm a little intimidated by being in a room with a dog smarter, and meaner, than I am.
  10. Transman. Man. Man. Man. Man. Man. Transman. What's hard to understand about that?

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    2. mudpuppy


      Multiple people, sadly.

    3. bpladybug


      it takes time, sorry

    4. Mackie


      its is hard for some to grasp. even though it seems to be a simple concept for the most part.

  11. I'd allow a chiropractor to address my MI about as much as I'd let a dentist treat a colon polyp.
  12. I avoid the phone like the plague. I will only answer it for very select people, and even then, I generally wait to listen to their voicemail and see if its something I can answer via text message. I've been this way for years, but it got a LOT more severe after I had to call nearly everyone I knew and tell them my husband had a cardiac arrest, followed by death.
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