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  1. I think that Palin and O'Donnell, at least, are relatively new phenomena. There's always been a pretty thick layer of demagoguery, sycophancy, and populistic blather on top of any democratic process, but it's somehow getting even more pronounced. Those two revel in their outstanding ignorance and can spout on endlessly without providing any content whatsoever. If they had preceeded George W Bush, nobody at all would have called him stupid. And Alvin Greene is the first candidate for public office I've seen that might literally be intellectually disabled. I'm not even saying that as a joke--
  2. What the fuck is going on this election cycle? -A huge amount of controversy and demagoguery over a "ground zero mosque" which is neither on ground zero nor a mosque. -Candidates outright refusing to answer questions about evolution...in 2010. -A senate candidate who is unemployed and clearly mentally impaired, and who has been indicted on charges for flashing porn at a girl in a clumsy attempt to hit on her, because his socially retarded ass thought it was okay. -Another senate candidate who would criminalize premarital sex, enjoyment of sex, and masturbation if she could, yet claims sh
  3. "Sacrosanct?" I implied the exact opposite--that it was a joke, and that you were taking it too seriously. As in, neither myself, nor anyone else, actually thinks this kind of thing literally sets the gay rights movement back 50 years. It's called hyperbole for humorous effect. Learn it, and you'll appreciate life more.
  4. You are aware that that was the fucking Onion, right? I think that "some would enjoy and others would conclude that the individuals were acting in bad taste" is exactly the reaction that the video elicited here.
  5. I have to agree that there's a good way and a bad way to express oneself, even when you are completely, 100% right about an issue. I could get on board if it was profane and funny, and not just profane and stupid. But yeah, not an impressive video. On a related note, this is hilarious: Gay-Pride Parade Sets Mainstream Acceptance of Gays Back 50 Years Excerpt:
  6. Well, now your post seems hilariously random and lacking in context. Anyways, I wasn't previously aware that converting to religious Judaism bestowed one with that brand of ethnic Jewish crazyhair. The more you know...
  7. Gee, now my feelings are starting to get hurt. Heh. If anything, you should make me a moderator for all the time and effort I put in "assisting" our new member here.
  8. Aaannnddd it's back... Herm...not sure what happened there, but sorry for being a douche.
  9. While we're making suggestions and all... If a moderator deletes a post, they should make a notation saying that, rather than presenting the impression that the poster regretted said post and deleted it personally out of cowardice. That's especially the implication here, when numerous mods already responded without taking issue with anything written. For the record, I believe that, contrary to popular opinion, there are stupid questions, and that they deserve ridicule.
  10. I'm a fan of black humour and social commentary(though I'm Canadian, so I'm not your target demographic for feedback ), and I don't really give a crap about offending people(school officials or otherwise), but I just thought it was incredibly facile. It's not remotely insightful enough to be disturbing to me(who isn't aware that fast food is unhealthy? What's next, smoking?), and the punchline sucks. Worse than just being lame, it gives the condescending impression that it's intended to be more astute than it actually is. So, this isn't a matter of being "distasteful." It's a matter of bein
  11. FYI, throughout my childhood, my parents were sometimes on the brink of bankruptcy, and sometimes relatively wealthy (after my dad signed a particularly lucrative contract). Some of my childhood was spent in cramped, old shithole apartments, and sometimes we lived in houses with three floors and a bathroom for every individual. I didn't even notice that shit. I noticed when I spent weeks being feed mac and cheese or nothing at all. Please trust me when I say that it will be much worse on your kids if you have to cut back on other things in order to maintain ownership of a residence you c
  12. FYI, if there was any doubt, this is sketchy as fuck. Don't give them your credit card number...
  13. Heh. I was thinking that the link between intelligence and atheism/agnosticism was self-evident, and that attractiveness was correlated with intelligence(it's an indicator of health), so...Kevin Bacon...attractiveness was also associated with lack of religious belief. *slinks away*
  14. Isn't it sad that some people started giving a shit about this because of the statements of some talentless pop starlet who mistakes being as weird as possible with showmanship instead of because this is the right thing? People shouldn't be judged for things they don't choose. Being homosexual in no way affects one's ability to perform military service. My country's armed forces has had gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals in their ranks for years, with no notable issues. This seems like a lay down case to me. Gaga should really be irrelevant.
  15. Fuck, that database applies to Canada as well, apparently. Thank you for bringing that disturbing piece of information to my attention, at any rate. It's better that I'm aware of such things.
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