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  1. If I can wade in, and not knowing really which side of the argument I fall on, except perhaps to quote Le Carre's summation/justification from "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy", and I paraphrase, '....as much a matter of aesthetics as anything else'. We are all on journeys, and some will make the rational decision to move towards atheism, others perhaps rationally towards agnosticism, or from those rationally to one of the forms of theism or vice versa. My faith experience was a move from an inherited roman catholicism, to a rebellious atheism, and then to an extreme reformed protestantism. No
  2. "deep and ineffable questions.... life, the universe, what to have for supper"

  3. I found I couldn't possibly select a single one of those options, it would be either all or none. Like so many, following Camus, I am seeking to answer the fundamental question (no trigger!) - and thus finding I had MI was initially a real stumbling block to spiritual experience. I was a late teens/early 20's convert from a lukewarm 'sort-of' roman catholicism to a more extreme form of reformed protestanism [for those unfamiliar, a form of Christianity based around the primary tenets of the Protestant Reformation, leading with Luther, but primarily following Calvin, and essentially distille
  4. I'm trying to understand this being a world away; and thus not up on the news (I only heard a quote from a news report on the story on a podcast); has the CEO actually done anything defamatory or discriminatory? or is this protest actually a response to him exercising his freedom of speech (something that unlike us, you actually have a right to)? or is this 'kiss-in' in response to the fact there was an appreciation day; and not so much in response to what he said?
  5. Miron, kudos; that is an evolved perspective, and well stated. There's nothing pathetic about it. Virginity is a thing. Like any other things. It either is or it isn't. If it is, it is. If it isn't, it isn't.
  6. pardon me..... but i had to lol..... well said jazz
  7. oh and i'd wade in on jaym......... but to be honest.......... it just makes me sad......... because really....... all we have for sure in this short time betwixt the stars that we live on this planet....... is the opportunity to show some care and concern for other people...... and maybe to be open enough and exposed enough........ that others will share that back with us....... and there might be some joy there...... its not a formula.......... or a process........ or a right or a wrong........ there's just so much where you wish you could open yourself up........ to let the common love or c
  8. this is my take....... and I don't know the answer...... however, as someone who is maybe in that 'in-between' zone (32)...... i'm finding there is a difference between dating a woman in the (and again generalising here) but; 30-40 age range; and in the 20-30; and the 40+.... in a sense it seems the latter two have more in common with each other, and it is a similar experience dating them, as opposed to the 30-40 range...... i don't know if the commonality is my messed up self..... or if it is something societal or biological i am noticing.....
  9. if no one is in the chat room...... does the chat room still exist?

  10. its me! dc, the brains supreme...... WHOOP there it is

  11. what you guys in the states need to realise........ particularly the people on the borderlines; more centrist etc who might vote democrat or vote republican depending on policy; is that the rest of us in the rest of the world are watching you guys; of course....... like hawks; nearly every newspaper in the world gives significant coverage to the US. We'll know almost as much about your elections as you do by the time the vote actually rolls around. We're watching; and we're RELYING on you guys. Don't drop the ball...... VE is right...... vote, vote and vote. I'm socially conservative (at least
  12. I think the thing to remember, at least for Europeans; is that the European UNION is a UNION in name only. Most of these countries (or at least their peoples) were at loggerheads for most of the past 1000+ years and still have disagreements and stereotypes that they apply to each other. Anti-americanism is one of the few topics that ALL of these nations (yes, EVEN the french) can agree upon, and is thus a non-controversial discussion point when they gather together, even in a college dorm in America. In your specific case Withing, it IS difficult to deal with. I would find living in Amer
  13. thanks for adding me as a friend.

  14. darkchylde

    Compulsive Lying

    Recluse, thank you for this post. It is a really interesting concept, one that I can relate to on so many levels. From the difficulty I had with the fictions I spun as a child, that turned into lies, to make my life seem more 'interesting'; to even now, the urge to embellish, even slightly, on an account or story that requires no augmentation to hold peoples interest or attention. It is amazing how it takes root so deep, to becomes a substitute personality in many ways. And sadly, like most substitutes - coke zero; equal; margarine - its just not the same as the real thing. Which is why th
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