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  1. got a jerb... i are a english tutor now

  2. Say you were a serial killer. Here are the rules: Go to your profile and look at your friends on the left side. 1st person turns you in: Leslie A.Reid 2nd person knows, but doesn't tell anyone: Armed Rasberry 3rd person is your partner in crime: Vinod Choudhary 4th person is your first victim: Kranti Dugar 5th person tries (may succeed) to kill you: Jessica Balle

  3. So, have have you ever watched a movie and hated it, then gone back a few years later, watched it again and liked it? Yeah, not happening this time. I still hate this movie.

  4. Aaaaasnd, DONE!!!!!!! With this semester!!! Break out the.... Whatever I can have on this stupid diet... Fruit smoothies!!!!

  5. attempt No. II done with great success. Too tired to post pics tonight, but they will be forthcoming. :)

  6. note to me: get off the interwebs and start writing your paper! >_

  7. ...first attempt at making a dressmaker's dummy -- fun, but didn't quite work out as planned. Ran out of time, ran out of materials. Thanks Petra, for being such a good sport! Next attempt will be soon.

  8. wow, my room looks completely different! ^_^ My kids will attest to the fact that I cannot keep my room the same for more than six months (it's basically impossible for me...

  9. oh yeah, so I guess I'd better get some sleep...

  10. is watching The Labyrinth

  11. say 'good-night', gracie...

  12. needs an artsy type friend who's willing to wrap me in tape (get your minds out of the gutter). Anyone interested?

  13. Hey! It's July 29th! You know what's great about this day?

  14. my get-up-and-go has got up and went...

  15. clicking links on tvtropes.org is no way to get some sleep. Just so's y'all know. This has been a public service announcement. ^_^

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