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  1. Sometimes I write about my minor delusions. For my main one, the one thathad me in the grip and caused my major breakdown a few years ago, I still am not ready...even though I have been symptom-free (mostly) and stable for going on 5 years now.
  2. Definitely don't jump. Call 911 or whatever your local emergency number is.
  3. In undergrad I got a pell grant and student loans. In grad school now and paid for the first couple of classes out of pocket, but now about to get student loans again.
  4. I want a scanner/printer and a new pair of asics shoes.
  5. That was very weird LOL
  6. eh, people are different. Some people communicate better by text, some by phone, some in person. I would take the apology...but what concerns me is that your friend 'always' does this...what kind of friend is habitually doings to you that they have to apologize for? that seems weird to me.
  7. I think in any rigorous career you need to have mental self-awareness and be committed to your stability.
  8. It was just a dream. If you feel like you may hurt/kill someone though, you need to seek help for that. Do you have a therapist you can talk to?
  9. Keep in mind that most people are too busy thinking about/worrying about themselves to focus on whatever you did in the past that embarrassed you so.
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