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  1. I can somewhat relate...I pretty much ruminate on something all the time for the most part whether it be a project I'm working on or something bothering me...When it's something positive or maybe a song I get no anxiety from it...If it's something negative it becomes a big problem...Still haven't found a way to handle the pure O at it's worst
  2. I rarely think about it but know I'd give just about anything to be mi free...Had it my whole life and its definitely held me back from where I think I would be without it.
  3. Zoloft worked well for my depression and OCD till it pooped out after 5 years.Remeron was also one of the best meds I,ve been on till it like Zoloft pooped out.Not sure how much it helped my OCD but the OCD is easier to get a handle on when your mood is good.Paxil also worked pretty good but I had to add lamictal to keep my mood stabalized.In close to 20 years those are the 3 meds/combinations that have worked. Everyone is different so results may vary but Lexapro didn,t do much for me and seemed to make my anxiety worse all the time.I,m currently on Luvox for about 3 months and like the OP don,t feel its doing much.If anything I think its causing more issues than helping. I,ve heard Prozac can also be good for OCD and like others said Anafranil is considered the gold standard but may have worse side effects.I think a lot depends on what dose you need.I seem to have to go to the max on any of the meds to get them to work.
  4. This is not an uncommon form of OCD.You could try briefly saying if I would have hit something I would have felt it but try not to think about it to much.Easier said than done I know.I had this form of OCD at one point.You really need to avoid going back and checking.It will cause your anxiety to skyrocket at first but it should come down over time and each time you avoid going back to check it will get easier although its not necessarily a linear recovery.Its basically a form of exposure and response type therapy. A book that describes a case example of this type of OCD symptom is in the book "The boy who couldn,t stop washing" but Judith L Rapoport.Sometimes reading your not alone helps ease some of the anxiety but definitely talk to your doctor and or therapist.
  5. Curious to see how you do on it as I see you have Pure O as well.I,ve been really struggling with depression and Pure O OCD as of late and Celexa is the one SSRI I haven,t tried although I was on Lexapro briefly.
  6. Unfortunately still struggling.Been taking Zyprexa the past 3 days which seems to help as it did the last time.Actually felt calm and somewhat "normal" yesterday afternoon but now my damn OCD ruminating has reared its ugly head which in turn crashes my mood again.In my 18 years since being diagnosed I,ve never been able to get the OCD (pure o) under control when its in the eye of the storm.Been working with a psychologist to no avail so far. Somehow I managed to make it through work this week despite being extremely close to going inpatient on Thursday.If I wasn,t so relied upon at work I likely would have gone.I have a pdoc appointment next Friday and am praying he can figure something out asap.This plain sucks is all I can say.
  7. I,ll be contacting some people today for sure.OCD ruminating has now flared up due to immense anxiety.Had to take Olanzapine prn yesterday afternoon to ease some of the anxiety.This anxiety is brutal and what I believe the root of the problem.As before really worried about how I,m going to get through this and if it will ever get better.
  8. Unfortunately still struggling and am in the midst of another crash.This will be #4 in the past 3 months or so unless I can somehow pull out of it.Been such a long struggle and am feeling simply exhausted/burned out from struggling for so long.Today anxiety has been severe and causing my mood to plummet...I,ve been a mess all afternoon and was just at the pdoc Friday who seems to have no answers.
  9. Thanks for all the replies.Still struggling and the doc is adjusting meds again but may have to do ect again if things don,t turn around soon.
  10. Been struggling with depression/ocd all my life.Been struggling and on a slow downhill slide since Feb and I crashed badly 2 weeks ago.I,ve been through this before but have to admit I,m so scared this will take forever to recover from.I just started a new med last wed and know its a slow process but as everyone knows its so tough to work through when you,ve hit bottom. I know it gets better and have done it before but just need to hear some positives from others.Thanks to all the great members here and my heart goes out to others struggling.
  11. Recently crashed badly into major depression.In the past I,ve struggled with brutal OCD mostly Pure O ruminations.As my depression slightly improves I get hit with a wave of OCD which drives my mood to the bottom. Couple days ago it was intrusive thoughts driving me crazy but after a refresher with my tdoc they are somewhat under control. Today upon awakening I,m hit with waves of guilt over bad things I feel I,ve done in the past.Nothing criminal or terribly bad and I realize I shouldn,t be worrying about this stuff.For one thing most of the stuff didn,t even effect anyone negatively other than my own exaggerated conscience. Some of this stuff I,ve talked to my tdoc about in the past and thought it was resolved but when the OCD gets this bad my mind just searches for stuff to ruminate about.Soon one thing turns into ten and a wave of guilt comes over me and my mood plummets. I tell myself: I can,t change the past(some of this stuff is from 20 years ago and hasn,t bothered me for ages) Worrying about this does me know good No one was affected by any of this stuff so why let it bother me. The only way I,ve been able to relieve the burden in the past is see a tdoc and get it off my chest which is basically reassurance.It helps briefly till the next wave and I start all over again. Can anyone relate to this and have any coping suggestions that may work?Any input is appreciated and sorry for the long winded post. I just started on 25mg Anafranil 5 days ago combined with 50mg Luvox that I,ve been on a month or so.Likely coming off the Luvox once the Anafranil gets going.
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