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  1. Not to be overly dramatic, but I don't want to die surrounded by these people.

    1. Gearhead


      I really hope you didn't.

    2. fantod


      jesus, me too. please give a holler if you're around.

    3. Red Rainbow

      Red Rainbow

      I miss eldorado!!!

  2. Embracing being different also means embracing disapproval and being an outcast..

    1. Red Rainbow

      Red Rainbow

      How ya been El-D?

  3. When it comes up for renewal, I'm thinking about not renewing my contract with society.

  4. I think that the worst part about being crazy might be all the time, effort, and energy you expend trying not to seem crazy.

    1. koa


      And then you're STILL paranoid that everyone knows you're crazy.

    2. eldorado


      It's not an issue of paranoia for me. Here I am, a grown man and I'm still trying to act like a good little boy so no one gets upset by that strange guy.

  5. I actually own a t-shirt with logo on it, as well as one that says "Got Seroquel?"
  6. Damn you Amazon, you foul temptress! Get thee behind me.

  7. Its no longer a question of when the world is going to end, now we have to figure out when it did end.

    1. LunaRufina


      This is the way the world ends

      This is the way the world ends

      This is the way the world ends

      Not with a bang but a whimper.

      TS Eliot; _The_Hollow_Men_

  8. Hi eldorado

  9. oh, when you shaved you no longer looked like the guy from maroon 5. just ya :P

  10. Brain mush! The band is Marron 5. Tada! I'm bitchin'

  11. Hello. WKRP awwww so funny.

  12. More ads on CB, this one claims to "have a trickt that can stop panic attacks"

  13. hey, you had a there, then not there blog entry. you okay?

  14. eldorado

    How about that

    It's like the Cure song, Pictures of You, except that they are not pictures of you.
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