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  1. I don't know if my answer is in the spirit of this topic, but I keep on going because that's what you do till you die. The sorry bastards want to take you down and make you submit, you either give in and let them win, or you get up out of bed in the morning and fight. It won't be forever, one day, we'll go to our rest and there will be no more hardship.
  2. The stuff is so good at steadying the hands that they test for it at shooting completions, archery, rifle, in the Olympics.
  3. Eventually, you'll have to show up to present ID, but you might be able to call ahead and have all the paperwork set up, just explain to them that it'll be an SSDI deposit and you have been feeling very ill and ask for them to do as much as the prep work for you before you show up. (Remember, even though they don't act like it, they really do want your money.)
  4. As soon as I got that Zyprexa out of my system, things went right back to normal (well normal for not being manic.) If the meds are bringing you down from a typically hypo state then yeah, its going to seem like they are cutting into you, but its just being "normal".
  5. I know you said meds later, but a beta blocker knocked out most of the shaking for me with almost no side effects.
  6. Saveyoursanity is right, they don't come after you for honest mistakes. But if they think you are hiding something, that's when they drop the hammer. The check might be really big, anything over $10K and the bank automatically notifies the IRS and while there is not crime there, there can later on be a hassle and paperwork. You really don't want a whole bunch of cash for soooo many reasons. Many banks will not charge you any fees or charges if you open an account that has a direct deposit with it. It also depends on if SSDI has appointed someone as the conservator of your income. As long as you don't pay any charges to open the account or fees to maintain it, there is virtually no downside to opening a checking account. You could put it all in today, and literally take it all out tomorrow if you had to. (And I'm just speculating here, but I think that the government is put at ease when they see an account with direct deposit like clockwork, but they can get suspicious if it all turns in to cash every month without ever hitting the bank.) Sometimes they want to see receipts that prove the money is supporting you (this is so that relatives won't just take the money all for themselves. Well, the checking account clearly shows you paying for food, electricity, medicine, and all the stuff the money's actually for, all without keeping receipts.) Good luck
  7. Today, my son physically caught me and kept me from hitting the ground when I got jarred and the pain hit. When did he start being able to catch me? I though that was supposed to be my job.
  8. Luna, If post 76 (I spent five minutes trying to write that without saying "you" and just was at a loss of how to accomplish that, sorry)was implying that there may be a dearth of hard and cold "definitive evidence and uniformity of expert analysis" I couldn't agree more. I think that this might actually be a good thing, For far to long i think that all to many people have suffered because they did not fit into the Popsicle mold of how "it is". This may lead to a broadening of minds and instead of trying to hold the high ground of the dominate clinical view, hopefully, the people who design the treatment models will be more focused on the individuals and their suffering than on the check lists of officially approved documents. This is statistics based medicine, not Newtonian Physics, the answers just aren't going to workout neatly all the time.
  9. To call the hospital and try to get them to remove my account from the collections department over the $11.50 they say I owe them. I'd send them the twelve dollars, but I don't think it would fix the problem. Last month they were hounding me for $1240.00, now they only want the price of a movie ticket. This is not going to be easy.
  10. Making assumptions and if they are questionable, demanding evidence that is up to your standards before declaring that their might be another way to see things, is... well, maybe it is the way things work. Do ya'll think I'm trying to be an asshole? DO you think I woke up and thought, "Today I'm going to be as obstructionist as possible on the board"? I didn't come here to shit on anyone, I didn't come here for a fight. I haven't called anyone names. I thought that I could contribute like most people here. I realized that CB is private property and I have zero right to be heard or not targeted. Four people in a row with a blue bar under their names have come out to let me know, well, you certainly are showing some unity. I don't call people names, I don't try to hurt their feelings, I don't try to belittle them, I don't try to invalidate their feelings and experiences. But sometimes, I think and i say whats on my mind and someone tells me to shut the fuck up, I don't always hear that last part, no really, I don't always catch it. Everyone else sure seems to have though, cause it seems I'm the only one here without a "badge". If you want me to be quiet and not say what I'm thinking, let met know. I don't have any right to be here or say anything I'm thinking, I know that. But snide remarks, insinuations, and shows of force well not make me stop being who and what I am.
  11. "But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Mark 13:32 Now knock it off.
  12. Its a sadly accurate insight and summation. I want things to be different, I try and am willing to be wrong and try and change. But sometimes we have to ask, are we going to risk the bitter feelings and see if against the odds this works out (that would be the heroic tact in my mind) or are we going to say that the best predictor of behavior is past behavior and avoid the risky, painful subject because of how these things typically work out?
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