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  1. I know that news paper! (In your display pic) I don't really have anything to say beyond I saw The Stranger and got nostalgic. I get to move back there in another two years! Sorry for the random comment.

  2. sometimes I need to intervene on myself ..now is one of those times I declare a media/internet break ..and a therapy tune up ....starting......now

  3. I am sorry my point was confusing and rude ..It is not the ciltaopram it is drugs in general when I got this recall I had just read a post where someone had taken someone elses medication ..this happens a lot and folks talk about it freely ...either they order online or borrow drugs from friends ...this is just one crushing example about why people should not do that ...people post this off handishly and .."I tried my friends medication" or ordered drugs online ..really it is just so dangerous ..you know I had second thoughts as soon as I posted it and that I should explain and then when I did it sounded worse so if you want to pull this whole thread feel free things are not great for me right now and really instead of posting when I am upset (and I am struggling and extremely upset in life right now..not about this but I am nuts so I am sure I do not have to explain that part to anyone here do I???) I should just shut the fuck up when I feel like this because I have a horrible time making any points sorry and yes most folks can get drugs for very littel the right routes..but they dont they take pills with reckless abandon thinking "I can try this it worked for my friend" in the end if there is a recall or something happens how do folks get notified ..and yes many many people order meds online ....from shady pharmacies ..people have said so ..not being able to get what they want from doctors ... this was a shitty example of a point I should not have bothered to make ..please feel free to delete or whatever I shoudl not have done this post really it was an impulse to serve no end I guess I feel like shit and am not a very likable person right now I know that and also know there is a better way to deal with my problems than ranting here about things I have no business ranting about
  4. Is anyone set off by strobes? no hormonal fluctuations are the aboslute reason for my migraines they ride the moon right along with me ..and significant weather changes will trigger a horrid migraine...like now after a long gloomy season ..when the sun finally returns that is pretty much a given I will have a full blown migraine the first sunny day after this long period of gloom Do you get a postdrome? yes but it usually lasts just a few hours and if I drink tons of water it passes easily..when the migraine breaks I am so relieved the prodrome is just a reminder of how much the headache hammered me What is the longest your headache+postdrome has ever been? about 3 days for me if I can not break it in 3 days I go in and get what I call knock out pills ..secobarbital ..never narcotics for me I get an old fashioned knock out with secobarbital ..two tablets and sleep for 24 hours the son I lost lived with absolutely horrific migraines that lasted months sometimes ...his entire puberty was a blurr of pain and prodrome ..I ache just writing this ....he had to be admited one time a picc put in and sedated for a week with DHE, thorazine and toradol to break the cycle ..I have such heartache for what he suffered with those headaches people who suffer migraines need more empathy and understanding ..when someone tells me "I have never had a headache" all I can think is ..."omg consider yourself entirely blessed!!!" as an addendum here and may be a matter of interest but the tree pollen triggers so many headaches all my drop ins yesterday at work were having migraines..even with all our rain all the trees are shedding and people seem to be triggered more by trees and mold than any other allergen ..at least in my world ...grass and weeds just are not as bad ..that is why I think the weather turning sunny ..besides the sudden light ..the pollen is high here when it is not raining so that may also be the trigger
  5. I just wanted to say I apologize and had second thoughts about posting this because of anxiety triggers..but sometimes you guys trigger me too with the way folks get drugs ....are a LOT of ways people get drugs on this board..not just through a regular pharmacy and not always with their names on the bottles ....you post you do it!!! and that is why I felt compelled to post this ..not for the majority but for the minority few this is a PSA from an poorly contained Wondernut now I get recalls all the time and honestly check my stock and move on but I have read about folks ordering online and getting drugs from friends and this post is meant for you mainly!!! Please stop it!!! I know how desperate people can be to feel better but this is the best example of why NO ONE should take drugs not Rx'd for them I have been home sick for a week so yes I am late on this and most folks who go to pharmacies will be fine so do those things and be safe today a girl told me "oh my boyfriend is a nurse and got me two antibiotics for my ears" well fuck???? what kind where did they come from and could someone have mislabeled the bottle and this person will never know case in point I will refrain from doing this again stop taking other peoples meds and do not order shit online unless it is from a known pharmacy
  6. I am not sure this is appropriate here but really a lot of folks on this board are taking this drug and I do not know how quick the doctors are at getting this info out I automatically get all drug recalls and so I thought I would post the FDA link so you could at least check? http://www.fda.gov/S...s/ucm248595.htm
  7. I am glad you like it ..I just keep watching it because she is so engaging with him as well and he is so funny! I kept hitting "next" and there is an guy making Naan in an Indian restaurant check it out ..I guess it is an endless series of videos some are kind of dumb but some are fun the dog however is hysterical my dog adores swimming in the ice cold Puget Sound but a warm shower/bath and he goes limp just like that I have to slide him across the floor like she was doing and he just looks at me with that bully smile and the minute I let go he is gone!
  8. Ok I have pit bulls not chows ..and I am not this woman ..but I am small my dog is a solid 65lb meatbag and trying to get him to the shower...well my husband found this and it is just like the drama I have getting him to the bath!!! I of course do not have this beautiful place to bath him ...but he does this exact thing! I had to watch it several times it was just so flipping funny! I do this exact same thing once a week with pigpen and he goes limp just like this dog ... I hope you enjoy it! http://www.wimp.com/bathtime/
  9. the face washing helps huh? if you add a few drops of baby shampoo to the warm water/washcloth it loosens the sticky pollen from your eyelashes and eyebrows ...that stuff just sits there and continues to annoy your senses BPLB thank you ..this was horrid and I appreciate the empathy I think it was the mold from the strawberries being so clumped together and all the rain ..there were fuzzies all under the plants and while I for sure have pollen allergies but the mold is the worst for me .I just never had the wheezing and hives before ..a solid week of wheezing and itching ...I have to pick up an epi pen I do not want to take a chance and do not plan to stop gardening although the condo in the city did cross my mind ...and it is now .. to think that something I do to maintain my sanity at a baseline...and is so "healthy" and wonderful can make a person so flipping sick ..just pissed me off so much ..and then the prednisone reaction omg I really could not believe how crazy pred made me ..I was hysterical crying ..screaming at my husband and could not think a normal thought ..talk about a soda bottle shaken really hard with the lid on tight ... well whatever I will stop complaining ...and just figure stuff out I am going to set an appt with the allergist I can not go into this season with out being prepared
  10. Other than taking pills ...and thank goodness we have them huh? if you can find someone to help you learn guided imagery (you can actually borrow books and dvd's from the library on the subject so do not invest before you try it and see if it is for you) I have found this to be the single best mental exercise to help with crippling panic attacks ..I had a wonderful doctor who actually was a family practice doc ..teach me to breath and visualize ..it is not perfect if you are in full blown panic it does not work but it can help when you feel it coming on to just stop and breath then use imagery to take yourself to the other side of the panic attack it is just a tool not the cure I wish I could use this to imagine myself at the end of this winter!!! I have tried it works for about two minutes I understand I have horrific panic attacks I am sorry you suffer this
  11. there you go! That sounds perfect ..try it then! Nothing to loose that is for sure all I can share is what you asked for..that being my own experience (and most of the time I wonder if I should even answer these posts because I do not want to discourage anyone and folks do very well in support groups..I completely flounder in them to be honest) and for me it was just too much overload ( I did go to more than one meeting I attended for about 4 months but was so depressed as a result I had to stop) ..Like I said for most folks it is a good thing and the support is wonderful
  12. have your vit D levels tested I did do that and found out I have almost none! My doctor tripled my dose last week so maybe relief is in sight ..if you live in a gloomy place like I do with no sun and the sky sitting on your head there is no sun so lighboxes seem to work for some ..I started a hydroponic garden this year and grew some food indoors it was fun and the lighting is nice ..but this has been a horrid year for most folks where I live so I can not single myself out walking helps get you going but if there is no sun ..and BPLB can share this agony with me ..we literally have had the sky sitting on our heads gray thick and no bright light at all ...you have to do something Olga I wish cooking was the answer as well I adore cooking ... but cooking and eating go hand in hand even when friends come over and I just eat too much this time of year both out of depression and the need to nurture everyone I know so I cook beyond reason ..then hit a slump and make nothing for weeks on end vit d ...light ...exercise...healthy diet ..a good therapist ..drugs...all things help ..but for me this year it is time usually I get a sun break visiting my folks and since I did not go this year the added guilt of not seeing them and the lack of a sun break has pounded me into the ground I would love to try a light box but I figured the growlights should do the same thing and I can grow food under them it was funny when I started the grow project ..just try to find anyone or anything in the Pacific NW that has to do with hydroponics for vegetables!!! OMG people look at you like "right you are growing tomatoes ..wink wink!" I AM GROWING TOMATOES!!! and eggplants ..and chickpeas..and lettuce and spinach .. they always say the Puget Sound is loaded with caffiene...THC and antidepressants ..I believe it!!! We could not run here with out it ..(I do not use THC however one more depressant is more than I can handle!) feel better and please know you are not alone ..this winter sucks ...oh and lets not even mention the news...so here you are stuck in the house being pounded by the media telling us about the relentless horrors of the world ... I am on a news black out now..that may help you? do not watch the news it is just too much! Oh if you have dogs ..build them a cardboard fort ..I put boxes inside boxes and let them just have at it! gave me an hour of fun! I hope you feel better ..there is a light ..literally I hope .. as I type this rain is pounding my windows there is a river in my driveway and it is dark ...argh....there is an end is sight thanks for starting this thread I will have to keep checking myself for more ideas
  13. I think if you are comfortable with an "A" type program where you follow the 12 steps (you can google them) then it is a good thing I have had patients do really well with it myself and my own experience ..well I may have attended the wrong group and I have serious issues of control so for me by the time I left I was very depressed from the stories I heard ...I hear stories all day at work and then when I go to support groups it just wipes me out to hear more ..even coming here is hard for me a lot of the time and I feel badly that I can not contribute as much as I would like to ...I do not recieve my own needed support because of this avoidence when not working and that can be an issue..life is about give and take ..not take and take ..so there you have it so please do not use me as an "average" because most folks are very good at this and support groups work wonderfully if you can do it! ...and I knew I could not give control up to a higher power ..because I do not believe in one they tried to reassure that a "higher power" could be a door knob ..but really? a door knob? I could not fathom giving power to a door knob even figuratively ..and then the Serenity Prayer is praying to God and really I can not do that if I do not believe in God....but if you do and you can and you are in a place where you can give it a try there is nothing "wrong" with it and it is free! I really wanted OA to work for me but I could not get beyond the God thing
  14. and we all know there are no cliques formed just from people gathering right? good grief this is already a very (benign) but really cliquey place...I am not sure people can gather with out cliques!? I do not think repping has anything to do with forming cliques I like that you can rate a thread but repping individuals can demolish an already fragile self esteem even if you do not think you care if someone reps you Andy ..people do care if no one ever does and it does hurt
  15. well since I have not officially survived it yet I can not tell you! we have had one rainy day after another and the misery is pretty thick around here so ...Sanddune I have to say if it were as easy as a walk out side I would be fine! I walk outside all the time and it has not made a dent in this dismal weather I do think it helps ..but it has not helped me this year for me it is a matter of getting through ..taking what I need to take and trying to remember there is a light somewhere but in the past year the sun has been a complete stranger here where I live so the reality I just have to make it through with out deteriorating any further is huge right now this has been a very depressing winter her and I wish I had an answer but the usual tricks, tips and drugs are not working at all sorry
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