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  1. i never tried Risperdal, so can't compare the differences, but i did try Invega and i didn't find it sedating.
  2. I use 50 mg ER tabs. Several of them. You don't need a script for 150, just lots of 50 mgs. Nice thing about that is you can tak less or more as needed. Don't stop taking it altogether. Work for a better communication with Pdoc if possible. I agree that you need to keep working with your pdoc. Been on Seroquel awhile myself and it is a great drug, but the side effects do suck. I've had to work long and hard with pdoc to come up with a rx that works for me. Keep at it.
  3. a tax bomb! quick rich people, to your tax shelters! http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/341481/july-28-2010/the-word---ownership-society
  4. Salma Hayek is pretty funny, and witty in those clips. Gotta love her. Lotta intelligent, beautiful, classy latin women out there.
  5. not as lovely a person as you LG

  6. not an expert or anything, but 100mg of Seroquel usually isn't enough to work as a mood stabilizer. generally you have to get to the 400mg range, maybe a little more, maybe a little less, depends on the person. one good thing about APs is that you usually can usually notice some difference fairly quickly, ie a matter of a week or so instead of a month or more for most drugs.
  7. LG was never talking to you dude. Why don't you butt out of things that aren't your business? BTW, I here Wal-Mart has Natty Light on sale this week.
  8. just my experience, i had to get to 400mg for Seroquel to really work well for my bp symptoms and help with my anxiety, but i'm a fairly large guy. when i was on it full-time i was taking 800mg a day. the more you take, the less drowsy it makes you. also, i take klonopin for my anxiety as well and have had no interaction problems.
  9. that's a pretty bracelet.
  10. looks like a girls nightstand
  11. People who don't visit the right places in LA are fucking Ghetto!

  12. when i was on lithium, couldn't eat much of anything. any kind of food made me nauseous. i was on it for a month and a half i think before we gave up on it. lost about 20 pounds or so.
  13. Ok........you are on to me. I want you're psycho, your vertical stick!!!!!!

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