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  1. I'm having horrible hallucinations I keep seeing my dog die in horrible ways, and the voices are telling me that my dog is going tto die in horrible ways.... they are also criticizing me for what I eat and how I look I see my pdoc tomorrow and I'm thinking of switching from prolixin to stelazine anyone have suggestions
  2. i know my schizoaffecttive diagnosis cost me to lose my job, and to be denied a job in the past as they felt i could be a danger and was too unstable
  3. i did a quick google and this store came up and it looks pretty legit https://secure.thehomesecuritysuperstore.com/category.asp?search=nanny+cameras
  4. hey there i miss you -   i'm starting back to school on the 29th if my financial aid appeal goes through, things are going well for me now    earlier this year was rough i was ip 7 times

  5. hey melli great to see you on     - hows that baby girl of yours doing




    1. mellifluous


      hey there! good to hear from you. i tried to email you yesterday or the day before, but i'm not sure i got it right...technology troubles and all.

      babygirl is AMAZING! she's totally shifted my life in so many ways. she's running and jumping; she turned sixteen months last friday; she says about a dozen words and has had her first haircut and she's going swimming later today and we went to europe to visit my family and she's great on the plane... that's a random assortment of small girl facts. currently she's teething, but she's a tough little kid, so she'll be fine. we met up with a friend of mine and were at the park this morning and went to play in the academy of sciences. now she's napping.

      i'm mostly stable ish and back on clozaril and it's actually fucking working. it's still hard for me to take my meds daily, but i've done it over 100 days in a row. i'll never do depot willingly though. but, it's really quite tenacious, this pull toward noncompliance and how hard it is to debate myself daily. but then...as you know...i have a small girl. so i'm committed to making it happen somehow.

      how's you? what's happening with things and stuff and i hope it's not as much of a struggle as i know it's ofttimes been. xx

  6. I went to the gym this morning and did an exercise class, I had forgotten how good I feel afterwards I am delightfully fatigued
  7. i'm not sure - I feel the need to keep building on this positive momentum because i'm afraid if I don't keep moving forward it will all go away - so that's what i'm trying to do
  8. i'm doing more positive tthings in my daytime life, I am out walking a little bit almost everday I go to the gym, i'm eating healthily i'm taking my meds I even applied to go back to school. why do I feel like I should stop all my meds, why do I get these periods of strong hate for myself. why can't I feel positive all of the time about these good changes i'm making in my life, instead of feeling like i'm putting on an act I feel like any moment someone is going to look behind the curtain and there i'll be in shambles but desperately trying to duct tape myself together up and down there is no reason to any of this. though thankfully it's mostly up with the effexor
  9. I was in the hospital and thought they were trying to steal my urine they had to sedate and cath me because I refused to go
  10. I started a low dose of prolixin on Friday - the nurse forgot to put all the night doses in so it hasn't really done anything for me yet except help me drop some weight which I don't mind I see my pdoc and tdoc tomorrow
  11. I adopted a rescue dog on Thursday i'm going to have a friend of mine who ttrrains dogs help me make her into a service dog
  12. I adopted a rescue dog on Thursday, her name is mimi and she's so great. I'm going to train her to be a service dog because she's so calming even when she's being hyper and puppyish
  13. I have a very hard time distinguishing mania from hypomania -there have been times i'm t old I am manic by doctors and my first thought is no way this is just some slight hypomania
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