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  1. yes more likly to be shot by cops not properly trained about MI and ive personally been assaulted by incompetent police when i was delusional and commited no crime b4 i was diagnosed have personally seen the cops assault ppl who were clerely delusional and really posed no threat to them and heard plenty of firste hand accounts of police brutal;ity
  2. oh yeah i definatly agree indeviduals w/ MI are an easy target,and way to just quickly explain it as a lone nut and distract from social curcumstances,when it seems to me at least, thiers clearly some kind of pattern esp w/ what seems like bullying and sub-cultures reflecting how sadistic our culture has become in general
  3. "how few pplw/ mental illness are violent and that continually linking the two subjects perpetuates ignorance and stigma" exactly thanks for posting this, these politicians seem to still be in the mentality encouraged by movies in the nintys like fatal attraction single white female relentless exc exc that were constantly useing negative stereotypes about mental illness to make money (i currently dont even own a tv but wouldnt be surprise if hollywoods still doing that) the polyticians seem to just echo what they think the general public thinks,unconcerned w/ the actual studys and statistics
  4. my new primary care doc informed me i was now diabetic and needed to lose wieght ive been trying to even before this new information,and my former primary care doc told he douphted ide be able to lose wieght as long as i was on seroquel because it causes wieght gain.I dont feel to optimistic ATM the only main thing ive done right since hereing this news was staying sobre its been about a monthe my diets not to bad besides the binge drinking which would be about 6-8 times a monthe at its worse,and im in danger of slipping back into that cycle,or worse if i pick up a drink i geuss my main qeustion im hoping to here from anyone if they were able to lose a significant amount of wieght on meds that cause wieght gain esp seroquel
  5. ive wondered about this i havnt been in a relatinship since my diagnosis and i can relate to what stickler said,in that i feel like a kind of chasm has steadily grown between me and non-MI ppl,and someone who can relate more ti MI,would just be like some common ground,the best relationship i had we had alot in common as far as lifestyle,we both liked weed and alchahaul,and same group of friends, but as i look back its possible she was a recreational user and i was self-medicating what at the time was undiagnosed symptoms,i dont know if i would have been able to get together for the sake of the relationship,but ended up doing jailtime anyway,which ended up being to great an obstacle for the relationship my other brief relationship was w/a non-MI girl who was studying to be a mental health care worker the relationship got wierd when she would become enraged and demand i show her more affection in front of her friends,i dont know but since then my negative symptom of social withdrawle has steadily grown to the point of social isolation and now i look back even at my unsuccesful attemptes like those were the good old days
  6. no,not at all,actually im literally jolted awake w/ electric shock like sensation the second i start to sleep its wierd,i believe it began when i tryed to lower my dose of seroquel(under my doctors supervision,but still i think the tapering went too fast)and it never went away completely ,i do wonder if others expieriance this ,but this not being able to nap sounds like it could be somethiing similar esp the the phrase "my brain wont let me"thats what i feel like,its my brain and a side effect of the meds,not sure what it is but i do miss being able to take naps
  7. i can relate its been three weeks in my case,ive come close to relapseing but somehow didnt and i was rewarded for it because i actually am learning something about myself its simple but i realized the closer i came to relapseing and resisted it really did make me more determined the long term rewards definatly far outwiegh the short term definately one day at a time GOOD LUCK
  8. i agree and i agree w/ the points made in the article that thiers no reoson to believe this bill would prevent future tragedys of this kind,but ide take it a step further and say not only would it not help but would hurt further alienateing ppl w/ mental illness who are untreated, and would actually prevent more ppl w/ MI from seeking treatment by increasing the real fear of loseing thier freedom,and of losing thier rights,i beleive further eroding the rights of the mentally ill and human rights in general would make things worse i find this scary
  9. i can relate to alot of what your saying here,in my expieriance of hereing voices its like the words thoughts and ideas,what i call the content of the voices i can disagree with.but the expieriance of hereing the voice,the eomotional tone of the voice,and kinesthetic as whell as audio sense of feeling as whell as hereing the voice,I cvant seem to seperate my self from,in otherwords i its like i cant differentiate my self from them emotionally which can be pretty tormenting at times.but yea it makes alot of sense that this lack of abillity to differentiate my self from them can be described as a lack of boundaries or ego boundaries and indeed lack of boundaries is said to be a main symptom of mental illness ive tryed to educate myself about this idea but have had trouble wraping my head around it,or understanding my subjective expieriance from an objective point of view i just seem to keep going through the same emotional turmoil one thing i dont know if youve try DBT(dialectical behavior therapy)and/or CBT(cognitive behavioral therapy)but this i think is the kind of things that deals with,i tryed it briefly myself and it seemed to be helping alittle with commincating my feelings something i have trouble with and i plan on trying it again,it was free,outpatient care in my case,whier im at but you do seem to have alot of insite into your condition which they say is a very good sign anyway goodluck i hopes its helpful
  10. I agree 100% that shit thier would definatly be incredible power over patiences,also i feel i have to withhold some things about how im feeling,from my psychiatris as it is. i agree with the other posters this seems like to me if im not mistaken it effectively lowers the criteria that needs to be met for involuntary treatment of a person? whier now at least the criteria if im not mistaken is a person must be a danger to themselves or others, this seems to include preemptive action whier the person is judged to be heading in the wrong direction or "downward spiraling" also bringing,wheather parent,spouseexc untrained possible unqaulifyed,and possibly misinformed ppl into the decision makeing process,seems to me like a bad idea. also id like to thank all of the other posts,its helpful to me to read intelligent posters,with actual insight into an issue like this
  11. water thanks for this topic,and thanks all the other posters and for tolerating my rant and let me apologise ahead of time its just one of those topics its funny because at one point i seemed to here about genetics and the genome project all the time and thought nothing of its like i didnt think it was real it still seems so strange jt07 thanks for the attension interesting points and good qeustions im not an expert the statement about man playing god was refering to genetic engineering and human cloning i didnt invent that phrase to describe human cloning its a common sentiment i know i got alittle off topic but those were the main ones also the idea of custom designing and genetically engineering humans i dont think airplanes automobiles and bombs are in the same catagory i believe,or feel genetic engineering and human cloneing is science tresspassing into the territory of religeon and mystery and its science imposeing its beliefe that god and the spiritual realm is a myth or make believe as if religeon is a child and science the adult when if anything its the other way around so for what its worth just a thought inna a nutshell most of technology is about saving time and speeding things up the telephone eliminates the need for human contact,and speeds exchange of information airplains and automobiles condense trips into days,an hours that once took monthes and years,machines,factorys,microwaves,calculators television effectivly advertisedand debriefed the public on whatever the latest thing was and what they should do and think so they behave inna quicker and more effecient manner words became more condensed and contained more information and sped up the brains and all of these things increased dependencie on technology not just for convenience but eventually in order just to survive and so it was sciences rise to power and the split between science and religeon grew and modern man was personified by the scientist w/ technical know how to operate all the fastly accumulating devices and contraptions but he was loseing the wisdom that came from religeon or some kind of spirituality and science moved to fill the void of what the religeous man already instinctivly knew w/ technical know how but man(and science)especially needed the wisdom or some kind of spirituality when it came to the harsh fact of his own mortality and science moved to fill the void w/ a kind of declaration of war on disease and ultimatly on death itself and created the phantasy that physical immortality was possible and obtainable(also id like to add,if it was possible it would be much less attractive than the phantasy,you could be shure of that but any way)long story short discovery of DNA ok fast forward come to find out all this speeding up had unforseen conseqeunces,severe ones threatening the harmonious climate of the earth itself,drugged cattle and time saving chemicals leftthe soil depleted and the countrys food supply compromised now science wants to speed up evolutionary changes that naturally,in"nature" gradually occur over MILLIONS of years and condense it into the space of a few DECADES science has the technical know how to do this but lacks the wisdom to pedict the conseqeunces in fact the conseqeunces are unpredictable and unforseeable science wants to custom design and genetically engineer humam beings,it wants to decide which genes are good and which ones to be eliminated not only do they lack the wisdom to make these kind of determinations, but even whats considered bad genes is part of human genetic diversity that could easily be valuable or vital in an unforseeable future not only are tt5he conseqeunces unpredictable and unforseeable,they are irreversable! but thats what they want to do furthermore in the current climate all i here about isw the detierioration of the moral fiber of society,scandals and abuses of power not only does he lack the wisdom man in his current stage of developement is not morally fit to responsibly use this technology thats how it seems to me like i said im not an expert and i think this is an important topic and thier many ppl who could say it much better than i can so a quote by Dr.Leon Kass "We have paid some high prices for the technological conquest of nature,but none perhaps so high as the intellectual and spiritual cost of seeing nature as mere material for our manipulation,exploitation and transformation.With the powers for biological engineering now gathering,there will be splendid new oppurtunities for a similar degradation of our view of man.Indeed,we are already witnessing the erosion of our idea of man as something splendid or devine,as a creature with freedom and dignity.And clearly,if we come to see our selves as meat,then meat we shall become.The new technologys for human engineering may well be"the transition to a wholly new path of evolution."They may,therefore,mark the end of human life as we and all other humans know it.It is possible that the non-human life that may take our place will in some sense be superior-though i personally think it most unlikely,and certainly not demonstrable.IN eithercase,we are ourselves human beings;therefore,it is proper for us to have a proprietary interest in our survival,and in our survival AS human beings.This is a difficult enough task without having to confront the prospect of a utopian,constant remaking of our biological nature with all-powerful means but with no end in view.
  12. i had the same problem on risperidol iwas only getting a semi erection or no erection then i noticed something going on with my nipples and white stuff came out when i squeezed pretty embarrassing for a dude,and they found elevated prolactin levels and swithed me to abillify and no more white stuff and my sexual funtion returnd to normal hopefully thats all it is good luck
  13. but see thats the the thing i believe arrogance IS a form of arrogance and i cant think of any thing more arrogant than man trying to play god and create lifeforms in the laboratory to be used for his own selfish purposes listen i dont understand the science but i understand its understandable man can pretty much understand the physical laws that underly physical existence and can change the natural coarse of things in many little ways (personally i believe a "superior" intelligencenature or whatever will eventually correct those things,whier thier really off)but anyway my point is this and i know its not all that profound and has been said many times already,but for one thing our current cultur did not invent science we inherited what we know from thousands of years of human observation phillosophy,trial and error,exc and built on that yet in a very very short period of time have brought the planet to the brink of destruction i believe the reoson for this is mans arrogance and i think civilizations before ours avoided this because thier religous belief systems prevented them. i also suspect science is as ignorant now with this genetic stuff as they were with all the poisnous elements they released into the ecosystem(and also lack the knowledge that they dont know which in itself is knowledge)and arrogantly think they know everything because they have mastered to some extent, one possible reality as far as man creating a lifeform that hasnt occured naturally in the right context ,i dont f-ing know but the firste thing i thought of was perhaps hes creating the breeding ground for a virus that wasnt meant to occur yet but im sure some more resourceful minds could come up with more creativew scenarios anyway i do find that stuff scary partly due to ignorance but not wholly due to ignorance
  14. this creeps me out also it creeps me out alot correct me if im wrong but i allways thought the word synthetic meant man made man made lifeform? i dont bel ieve in that,i dont want to get too religous i dont consider myself super religous,but this seems to fall whell into the realm of man playing god and man pretending to be god something has to be sacred if nothings sacred forget it,it may be only a matter of time before human beings destroy them selves ,but i think this search for a matierial root of all life or whatever it is has the potential to accelerate our self destruction even more than the other great scientific achievment of splitting the atom,i dont know thats just me
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