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  1. NewMe

    Funky Music Videos

    I loved mumford before they where mainstream and I must say this is a funny video! I loved Flo too before she became super famous....this is my anthem and has been for almost 2 years!
  2. I do have things that worry me, but it isn't horrible now, I do see a correlation between my stress and lack of sleep and me having this go on, I sleep more now but I am more stressed, I was sleeping less before but not as stressed, its like a lose-lose. I dont have apnea, I had a study done 3 yrs ago, I had less than 1 episode an hour, so i am good and considered in normal range. I did a 1 day study due to my lack of apnea and everything looked fine then, and CPAP and BiPAP would have blew out, I can't tolerate 02, when I had my daughter I couldn't even tolerate it, my Pulse Ox is good. i worked medical for quite a while so I had/have access to equipment and testing and I am knowledgeable of it all. My BP is low and is considered for me "high" at 116/60 that is when I was brought in by paramedic, so high stress, I am very healthy. I wonder if it is a form of narcolepsy, I know a little about it, but the narcolepsy I am knowledgeable of is the kind where the person falls asleep randomly and with or without sufficient amounts of sleep. I am going to the PCP this week and Tdoc next week, I will mention it to both of them. Maybe a different study needs done? Is there another kid of study that can be done?
  3. NewMe

    Funky Music Videos

    I forget how to add a youtube video...how do I do it?
  4. Im not sza, I have depression "clinical depression" is what the tdoc said, and GAD/PTSD/OCD. I am not too concerned, just think it is weird, my fiance said that I am always moaning or talking 5 min after I fall asleep and I will say random things. I assume stress causes it, he just mentions it a lot like "last night you said..." its kind of funny to me, but weird. I can remember the dream if I am woke up while I am in it. My sister said she is the same, she is in deep sleep very fast and she has vivid dreams as well, but she has the same dx.
  5. I have been told that I am going into a deep sleep very very fast, as in, I fall asleep and 3 min later I am talking in my sleep, I have been woke up before during this and I can remember the dream. I have very vivid dreams a lot, 2 nights ago I was crying in my sleep. Is it normal to go into such a deep sleep so quickly? Does anyone else do this? Should I mention this to my PCP or Tdoc....I am on NO meds.
  6. When I left my ex, I moved in with my mother, it was some place "safe" for her, she had me, my mom, my brother and my sister was there every day. I waited for my fiance and I to move in until I felt ready, and my daughter. I waited a while before they even met. Also I must add, my fiance is like never here, he is a student in nursing school, he takes care of his dying parents and MI sister, he has 2 jobs...she hardly sees him now, it was more often before, he typically gets home after she is in bed, she has grown very attached to him, which is what worries me, not that there is anything wrong with it, just maybe him not being here too much now may have something to do with it. We do have days we do things, like go to the zoo, the science center, the park, but it is 2x a month at most because he is so busy. We have a strict routine, boundaries and rules, she knows the rules and she follows the rules 90% of the time. She did start a new school this year, she had an issue with bullies at the last school, I am wondering if that may have a tad bit to do with what is going on with her. I keep out of what goes on in session, I don't want to pry and I asked not to be in the room so she isnt filtering. Maybe I am just paying too much attention, my mother was a horrible parent and bad things happened because she didnt pay attention so I am aware that I do over-analyze. Maybe I am just paranoid, but with everything, I guess I thought it was a good idea to get some other POV
  7. No eye rolling, I thought that it may be that but I was also thinking it was normal. Considering right now she has a lock on my legs and won't let go and keeps kissing my legs, you are more than likely right. Her tdoc I think is ignoring my concerns, I don't sit in, and I tell her everything that goes on. Or what if the tdoc mentioned something to make her think I could leave too, which of course will never happen. I have to figure out how to make her know, I am going no where, make sure she knows she is number one.
  8. My daughter and I have a very close relationship...she and I are together when I am not working every waking moment, I tell her I love her and I show her. She hasn't seen her bio-father since March, which is the same month my fiance and I moved in together. (just a back story) My daughter in the past in the past month started hugging, kissing me and telling me she loves me up to 30 times a day (no exaggerating here!) She isn't crying for me to sleep with her, but I can't get her at times to leave me alone, other times she is in her room playing with her dollhouse for 3-4 hours, but she will come down every 20 min still to say she loves me, hug me and kiss my cheek. I take her to a tdoc for the abuse she witnessed and went through, her bio-father liked to throw stuff at her, he beat me. I don't ever lay a hand on her, I punish by taking things away or grounding her. Is it weird? Just a phase? Does she feel insecure maybe? I just am not sure that this is normal...maybe it is and I am reading too much into it...but I dunno.
  9. The only thing left was the springs, She ate the fabric and the stuffing from the mattress, she wasn't the only patient that did that, I had 4 in total who ate beds, the one was a brother sister pair who had a clause for unlimited mattresses in their insurance it actually said "unlimited number of mattresses" Some insurances cover 1, some 2 per a year based on the medical dx. I am not certain how ANY of them did it, my techs would go to for example drop off diapers for the patient and see the mattress torn to shreds and call it in to me for a new one, or the caretaker would call me, I saw 1 of the mattresses and it was totally ripped apart, like a junk yard dog had gotten a hold of it, just destroyed. Pica patients will eat anything from what I understand, if they like it they will eat it, I have heard of rocks being eaten, litter, I guess whatever can fit in the mouth. I don't know what the science of a pica person is, whether its an MI or something else. I don't judge, it is their intestines, I was just surprised by the number of beds this person went through and it was MY fault. lmao!
  10. I had a patient who was massively obese, we had to send Bariatric Beds for her because anything over 350 requires Bariatric she was teetering on the "extra durable" equipment, we would have techs bring her Bed, commode, whatever it may be and she would always be offended by us sending her Bariatric equipment, and I would explain as gently as a I could that Bariatric is going to be more comfortable for her and more durable. She was also Pika (sp?), she ate the beds, I sent her 3 beds in one week and before I could be screamed at for the 4th time that "Our equipment was shit" I had to get feisty with her and tell her no more. Working in the ER I would get patients who would ask for equipment to do procedures to them self when the hospital would say things like "no I can't pull your tooth" or if they had to wait in the waiting room due to the high level of higher risk patients. I had a guy with a dislocated shoulder once running into the wall, that was fun. I have worked customer service for 13 yrs, I have worked in restaraunts, hospitals, property, retail....people are stupid, really fucking stupid. Sometimes I think that "Normal" people are all putzes.
  11. NewMe

    Daily Mugshot!

    The first is me as a newborn, I was a preemie breach baby, 4lb 3oz...also fun fact, I was actually born at Midnight, they couldnt decide my birthday and I am not sure how it was decided actually. The second pic is me a week ago, I didn't take the pic but it isn't bad.
  12. So we decided on Guinea Pigs, and we will rescue, we are looking at a few different ones, my daughter likes the ones that have the long hair on top of their heads, and she wants one to have black on him. I have to get a gooize cage and all the supplies before we get them and I will most likely get 2 so they can socialize. I want to own a house before I get a dog, I rent and I want to teach my daughter responsibilities and care first, the poop is smaller and it is easier for me to pick up the slack with a pig vs a dog. Plus I don't have the yardage for a dog right now. I looked into Chinchillas and they are hard to find vets for and are prone to infections, especially in the eyes and they like to hide their ailments. Hedgehogs...there are NO vets to care for them, hamsters dont appeal to her or me and I dont like rats or mice. Rabbits are bity and my fiance's sister has one that kiddo can visit whenever she wants. Well the decision has been made and not to find our piggy!
  13. Hedge hogs are now very illegal in my state...so n to the next rodents! lol I am gonna talk to my guy when he gets home and see what he thinks...I am liking the punk rock looking guinea pigs and the lions head rabbits among other things, but I like the convenience of wheels and balls for hamsters and of tiny guys. Chinchhillas are prone to issues and expensive to care for...
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