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  1. You forgot to mention the first moon wallk ( I mean you do remember BUNCHES, all significant but...) you cant forget that. When I was 4 I remember sitting in front of the TV and that grainy black and white image of the astronaut standing there.. After that I expected there to be flying cars to be around within the decade. I also remember Nixon's impeachment and his jowls and how they would shake when he swore he didn't do it. I vaguely remember the hippy movement. My dad drove one of those VW vans for the longest time. I do remember the ugliness of the war.
  2. My coffee mug - it makes a good coaster

  3. Being In the Closet; Not an option. Not for the last 26 years, since I was 18. Everybody knows. At every place I have worked they usually figured it out in about 2 weeks after some casual conversation. I ate the idea of having to pretend to be somebody I am not. Pronoun switching is a form of lying and eventually that will catch up with you. You will slip up. It will also eat away at your self confidence and it is just not right. If you loose friends from coming out then they were not worth having as friends at all. If you think you have it rough being gay? Not even. Have you read some of the gender identity disorder forums in here? When it comes to social anxiety those folks have it far worse then we will ever have. Just saying.
  4. Well it seems everybody has said everything that needed to be said considered except one thing (both off and on topic). (This is just a FYI...) A 3 way relationship is called Polygamy which can be practiced as polygyny (one man having more than one wife), or as polyandry (one woman having more than one husband). Source So if and when this relationship or one like it ever materializes for you, Registered Nut be sure you clarify the mental expectations of the male and female. Polygamy tends to be one sided favoring the single male or female of the 3. And wives tend to be in the rank according to when they arrived in the relationship, that would make you the 2nd girl friend. Be careful, be good and good luck, it could work out for you.
  5. "Wha's up?" or "How's thangs?" I ignore them, or maybe growl quietly. "How are you?" gets a weak smile and brief eye contact. Once I experimented and my response was "I died last night" and the person started to say "good" out of habit then stopped with half the word hanging out of his mouth and looked at me. "Huh?" he said. I said "Just testing" He said "Oh OK" and walked away. One friend of mine will ask how I am doing with her smile and gaze. She walks up and says, "Hello there" with a smile and I can see her eyes reading my face. She gets her answer without asking. But yeah, when a person asks a question and they really do not care to hear the answer - that just irks me. When people ask questions that get right to the point of the matter I appreciate that sooo much. Most often a brief glance will tell you if a person is doing OK or not so OK. The better question to ask is "Whats wrong?" or "Not a good day for you?"
  6. After just reading all the posts in this thread I think that there is a little bit of ASSBURGERS in all of us to one extent or another.. Aspirisms, or Asperistics is the word that comes to mind for the characteristics of a Aspie which are plentiful and varied. The song from child hood with a slight variation ran through my mind "If you think you may be Aspie clap your hands!" Playing with words, the lack of recognizing sarcasm, and the way I maintain my DVD library (archiving, duplicating covers storage ect) And my complete emotional shutdown when a person - child or adult - has a meltdown. I have NO patience for kids - they can be amusing for the most part but at times they make no sense and should be removed when annoying like from a meltdown. Adults should be removed to but they are not moved as easy. When a person says they will be ready in a minute then damn right they have 60 seconds. When I am listening to music it has to be crystal clear with no static or limited range or else its turned off. Yeah i can relate. But yet I can feel emotional pain very very deeply such as when my kitty died. I cried for a week. And so I removed myself from society until I was not annoying anymore. I am not self diagnosing myself as an Aspie. But I can tell you that Aspies have the right idea in some ways, I can relate! So if a Aspie has a brain storm is it called a Aspierism? If you walk into a highly organized room would you say it has Aspierlistic quality's or has been Aspiersized? The words that Aspiers hear when spoken to - is that the Aspierlish language translated from the original language the speaker used? Is a lone Aspie called a Aspierling or Aspierloner? There I go again playing with a newly added word to my vocabulary. Now for you Aspies out there, those last questions were rhetorical. You do not have to answer them even though I did ask them. They were funny to me, you may see the humor to. Its all good.
  7. I would think that at my age I would have hit rock bottom by now. I have just one addiction left, and I think that if I kicked it then I would pick up weed again. But weed was a addicition that was very controllable by me. I used to smoke those nasty cigs for 14 years then finally did the Nicoderm patch and that urge to smoke is totally and irrevocably gone. Been 16 years since I smoked. This last addiction makes me depressed between rounds. I would binge for a day or two then be depressed for 5. Be totally useless, antisocial as in withdrawn. I would find any reason to avoid any and all social interaction. I used to have a few hobbies and they have been tossed aside for being a couch potato staring at the TV and occasionally screening calls. Being unemployed does not help. Having to move back with my folks makes it even worse. There is no motivation to change or improve the situation. and unfortunately I do not care. So my point was, I understand about being sick of the drugs that you cant stop doing. IT makes no sense but yet you do it anyway. I can relate.
  8. Wow Until I was about 12 years old my bedroom was wall to wall junk and trash like candy wrappers and broken toys and various stuff. It got to the point that there was a pathway getting narrower by the day. I saw nothing wrong with it, it felt comfy and cozy and was my nest so to speak. One day I tried throwing out a few candy wrappers and I felt this overwhelming need to keep it. Almost a compulsion. When I realized I was feeling a need that made NO sense whatsoever I went ballistic. I was afraid I was becoming my mother, the pack rat the hoarder and that fear was overriding all else. I grabbed garbage bags and I threw everything out the window that was small enough to fit through it. What was left was a hope chest with the fish tank, the old globe, a few stuffed animals that I had forgot I had, some new toys that I recently received, my bed, my desk and this vast expanse between my bed and that desk. The hardwood floors were pretty cool I thought. Then my mother came in and demanded I put it all back. I demanded she make me. She could not and she went balistic for 2 days. My room was the cleanest room in the house. Almost spartan. I think that actually irritated my mom because she started to give me junk to put in my room. I refused them mostly unless they could serve a purpose. (Like a new desk chair or full length mirror) I am glad my dad was there to back me up. In my own place now and to this day when I go to toss something in the trash I always hesitate a bit, its that compulsive urge way in the background telling me I need to keep it. It makes me think of a reason to keep the item. So I compromised, I have a junk box of hardware computer parts and electronics that all work but some are hopelessly outdated... I keep it in the garage. All the electronics in that box work, if not they get recycled. I justify keeping the dead hard drives by gluing 3 together and using them as door stops. They actually work. I have a door stop for every fracken door....
  9. Empathy; example. You ever have a pet die on you? Was that not very painful? You been there you felt that. When you see another cry for their pets passing you can feel the pain so much you almost get emotional along with them. (I can deeply empathize with that) Sympathy; example. Your friend was mugged or robbed at gun point. That's never happened to you so you do not understand the intense feelings of being violated that a person feels when it happens. You mean well, you want to be supportive, and you do not want your friend to be upset, but deep inside, and you try to hide it - you just cant wait till they get over it and move on because its all a bunch of bullocks. People that cry a lot or are easily provoked into that state of emotion annoy me to no end. I can be concerned and caring up to that point, but when the waterworks start I am over it and I tolerate it waiting for them to get over it to.
  10. Empathy - is the ability to understand and share another being's feelings. To empathize is to respond to another's perceived emotional state by experiencing feeling of a similar sort. Empathic concern or sympathy not only include empathizing, but also entails having a positive regard or a non-fleeting concern for the other person Sympathy - is a social affinity in which one person stands with another person, closely understanding his or her feelings. It also can mean being affected by feelings or emotions. Thus the essence of sympathy is that one has a strong concern for the other person. Sympathy exists when the feelings or emotions of one person are deeply understood and appreciated by another person. Wikipedia
  11. I am beginning to be really annoyed with all those cutesy lil apps that encourage some interaction with another person. Then the app makes posts on yur page and clutters it up. HOWEVER I have found it is useful in contacting friends from days past and relatives I didn't even know existed.
  12. The evil ones never die soon enough. Sooo Can your hubby point out a few examples that shows she treats everybody that way? But my stratagy would be... Totally ignore her. Do not hear here words. Do not see her in the room. Do not let her talk over you in fact, when she is talking, assume she is done. If she asks you a question directly just look at her like she is a complete idiot then start talking to your husband. You would be surprised how good that may make you feel....
  13. I hate insomnia

  14. Hey, I'm doing ok atm. How are you?

  15. Just because you do not know the answer yet doesn't mean you are stupid. Ahbviously Dahlink
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