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  1. When I'm parked in a parking lot and someone parks thisclose to my car when there are plenty other spaces, I key their car. If I can't because of the situation, I spit on it. I need personal space! I've actally had douchebags park so close to my driver's door that I had to get into my own car through the passenger door! Now, come on! What the fuck!
  2. I can't figure this damn forum out, but I wanted to tell you to hang in there, and please feel free to email me ANYTIME. weary (hadtoomuchpain@aol.com)

  3. music from the band Tesla the smell of glade potpourri room spray winter snow angry people bossy people crying or screaming kids or babies rude retail workers anyone intruding on my 'personal space' sex the word incest hippocrits (sp?) Beatles music hot confining spaces hotels the word cancer the word family whining wow, this list is long! weary
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