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  1. It is not ruled out (past tense) it is present tenses in they are actively working on ruling out this diagnosis. Psychiatric diagnoses are never precise so don't expect 6 doctors to agree. I think you are needlessly spinning your wheels but have fun.
  2. Prosom has wide ranges of hours for things like Cmax and half-life so it can vary lot among people. It starts working before an hour for me and I run toward the lower end of the scale half-life wise, no on hanover. We all are different.
  3. Some MI is hard to treat,especially those illnesses that have multiple components. Like bipolar with its' up and downs. There are so many combos to try and often you find that works for this symptom but it makes other symptoms worse.So there is lots of trialing until you hit the right combo.
  4. If people call you a loner, they could just be showing concern that you might be lonely and enjoy more contact with others, which they are offering by expressing concern for your well being.
  5. No one has mentioned Inderal (propranolol) which is the go to med for hand tremors. One dose in the morning and I m tremor free all day.
  6. You know there is no way I can get a pill down when I am nauseous, so I find the ODT vastly superior. I chew it once or twice and let the rest dissolve. Stomach better in seconds.
  7. Depakote is hard on the body. The liver, your hair, your weight. Interactions galore. I wouldn't go to it for panic until I had tried the standard treatments.
  8. My doctor filed out form indicating i could not work. I was confined to home due to pain, that was my reason. Form had to be updated frequently. Very straightforward.
  9. Zofran is the most successful med for this issue, for me. It is generic and has an ODT.
  10. Valerian (some maintain it contains valium,it does not) hs interactions with prescription meds.
  11. It seems simpler to do a trial of one of the other MAOI's on the market, maybe you luck out and find one you can tolerate. There is a lot of disinformation on the net about MAOI's and tolerability,unfortunately.
  12. There is one that does not get prescribed as much, it's primary and only use s far as I can tell is as a hypnotic. Prosom (estazolam). Really seems to fit the bill, it has a half-life and length of action that would indicate it is good for 6-8 hours sleep with little or no morning hangover ie does no make you sleepy first thing in the morning or during the day. It's an intermediate acting benzo, ofcourse.
  13. I have an eight foot concrete fence between me and 4 neighbors.We all love the fence,on that we can agree. "Good fences make good neighbors" Robert Frost
  14. Lets see,your family 1) brought you into this world 2) fed and clothed you 3) provided a place for you to live 5) provided for your education. Hmmmm
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