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  1. yo ho, grrl! um...that was a pirate thing. not a gangsta thang.

  2. I love the different colors. It makes you who you are. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Hi. I went from sleeping a maximum of 4 hours to about 0. I feel just fine and dandy by my standards but worry about long-term affects if its left untreated... I think just fine and I feel just fine- for my own unique self that is. You can call me whatver you want- whatever personality disorders apply, but my brain chemicals arn't buggin me right now. i'm not happy OR sad. i am somewhere in between. I might be lil hooked on NOT SLEEPING if there is such a thing. gotta go.
  4. I've got me some ACME brand unsweetened iced tea mix and every time I make tea with it I am running to the toilet like crazy without any exceptions. I read the ingredients- PURE INSTANT TEA... ooookayyyyy.. whatever THAT means. Tea from the tea bag does not induce gas and "the trots" within 5 minutes of gulping down 2 cups. I mean. ITS TERRIBLE. This is not stuff you wanna give your kids. Its like poisen or something. Would somebody liketo tell me what's actually in it? Am I having an allergic reaction to a chemical in it?
  5. Thats alright. Sasha, I am aware of the fact that maoi's r not prescribed unless u r severely depressed and most othe AD's have failed. Look at my profile. Read the list of meds I've been on. Sadly, I only decided to include such info in my profile the day be4 yesterday so I realize people havn't caught up yet. The other thing is that I *might* be depressed but becuz I have the subjective experience of having no emotions and not exisitng, its very hard for me to know if there might be an underground current of emtion that I always am supressing. My doctor and I will discuss this at length. One more thing. I never stopped taking trazodone 50mg every night. i still take that.
  6. MAOI's. I hear they have a new variety that don't cause as many food no-no's as the original. Are these newer one only available through patches? Patches scare me becuz I once did the BirthControl patch and it kept falling off- every single day no matter what. So silly me kept putting on a brand-new one each time. One morning I awoke with the full understanding of my actions becuz of the amount of blood lost. iCK. Anyways I am under the impression that patches do not take to my skin very well and are utterly worthless. I will be seeing pdoc tomorrow to discuss our action plan and my stymptoms together. Not even sure if MAOI's will be an option btu if they are, I'd like to know if the newer version comes in a pill from or if there is a pill form or an injectable version that also has less side-affect with certain foods. Right now its like I'm "window shopping" for meds byt of course I am not a doctor or scientist so I am just doin a lil research here and there.
  7. I stayed awake until 4:30am and then went back to bed intil 6:30 am. If you might have perchance read some of my other stuff then you are familiar with my flavor of craziness, specifically my problems with feeling un-real and like i dont actually exist. My dreams this morning were trying to tell me something completely different I think. they were those "lack of control dreams" where some of your worst fears come to pass. The were intense and I feel as though i was very deep into the rem phase of sleep. Insomnia has been my problem lately too. I feel like the fact that i wrote about how i feel as though i dont exist in my blog and such and then admitted I needed help was enough to fuel my mind into healing mode. I'll be optimistic and think that my dreams are trying to save me by allowing me to experience my real feelings while I was comfortably snuggled under a down comforter and a blanket, head on feather pillow. Warm and relaxed for a baseline. When i woke up things were a bit more real feeling- distinctly so. I spoke aloud just to hear a human voice. I felt myself touch my forhead without planning to first. I dared not go back into this nightmare world as I would surely do if i were to go back to sleep any time soon. Baby steps people. inch by inch i will overcome my ailiments. In the meantime does anybody know of a good AD that helps nightmares but doesn't blunt emotion? I was thinking prozac for some reason. i took it 14 years ago when it was brand new and i think it helped me.
  8. You Might Be Right. It may be all-to-simple and i'm just devoting too much time into making it more complicated then it need be.
  9. Hi. Well, first of all let me say that I appreciate your cut and dry sense of humor- if that's what that was. I know you also might've had some beef with my post. I hope you do not mind if I kindly argue over some of your points. We all need water and *sometimes* there just isn't enough available to plants, animals, humans- not enough to make us function at 100% and sometimes not even enough to sustain life. I highly doubt putting on a hat would alter the temperature of the brain but hey, I'm no genius here. Your last point was right on though. I *should not* drink anymore water if I am overdoing it already and my body is telling me no. Don't mind me. I've got wayyyy too much time on my hands and have a weird habbit of thinking about things too deeply.
  10. Hi koali777. I just wanted to say that I'm glad that the mood stabilizers keep you from wanting to die. I hope very much so that the addition of one or more meds will bring you back down to earth where you are not a prisoner in your own mind. From what I have observed about you on cb's I think that you are strong and smart- willing to fight. Best of luck.
  11. I did read something about how some scientists hypothesise that "brain temperature" can alter ones mood. Its not that it better one way or the other, well, not exactly. It all depends on what you are suffering from in the 1st place. They say that making the barin warmer can treat depressive symptoms wheras making it colder treats manic symptoms. if this is all true and if drinking cold water actually does affect the temperature of the barin then that could be indicative that i am depressed. I would find that none-too surprising.
  12. I like drinking water for the most part, especially in smaller doses throughout the day. I try to manage in at least the "required" 64 oz. even though at my particular weight I should be drinking more- supposedly. Sometimes I'll be drinking ice wwater at a restaraunt. I'll often inhale the 1st glass and then order another one. By the time the next one comes to the table I have changed mentally in a subtle yet definitely noticeable way. I guess you might call it a very low-grade anxiety coupled with a slightly neurotic reaction towards the new drink at hand. The drink seems a bit repulsive. I'm thinking- eww, how could I possibly take even one sip? Doesn't matter if its iced tea with splenda or just iced water. I am wondering if this has something to do with the cold temperature of the drink, lowering my body's core temperature. I'll have to go read up on how the body's core temp affects mood. From what I've read online, drinking water, in general, is supposedly a homeopathic cure for anxiety and depression. Thanks.
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