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    The Dirty South
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    Counterculture, of course! I also like to discover and experience new music, particularly of the electronic and singer/songwriter persuasions. I love graffiti, watching scratching, spoken word, parkour, movies, comedy, vocal music and theater. I enjoy metaphysics, politics, peace & social justice, women's and children's advocacy, and community action. Oh, and I love being really girly.
  1. hello I to live in the dirty south,ludacris rocks

  2. Hi there! i haven't seen you in a while. just wondering what you're up to.

  3. south carolina *said with a twang* i was born here, lived here for most of my life. but i grew up in georgia, north carolina and florida. been through tenessee a few times. but not memphis besides seeing it through airport windows.

  4. Right on! I love being from Memphis! Where you from?

  5. yeah i have people who have never even head of dyscal. im glad we relate! im in the south too btw.

  6. Hey, kid! Just scribblin' you a note to say hey. My sister came into town and between that and work, i've been suuuuper-busy, and therefore not online much. Holler at your girl.

  7. Glad you are looking forward to the holidays! So many people are on a downer this time of year. I think it is a tough time, but am also looking forward to seeing my sister.

  8. CAN NOT WAIT for Christmas!

  9. M-E-M-P-H-I-S, baby! Native & proud! I'm not living here by default... but I am moving away in six months or so. So... thanks for running this place. I help run a web community as well, and I know it's not easy. Lots of time & energy. Mwahmwahmwah!

  10. Yup, I'm in Nashville, by default if by no other reason.

  11. You don't live in TN! That would just be too cool...

  12. Thanks, May! So happy we've met!

  13. It is hard to find people who identify with the Dyscal Dx. It just seems to befuddle people. So, i'm happy to share that with you! Also, i'm super-familiar with your diagnoses, so I think we'll get along famously. Holler!

  14. Thanks for the welcome, Olga!

  15. Thanks, Emperor! Talk to you soon?

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