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    Playing with my children, reading, cooking, browsing online, playing video games, shopping, watching movies, watching reality television.
  1. Hey hon. I'm getting worried. hope everything is ok and the meds are treating you alright..

  2. Yesterday marked my first week on Seroquel. I was due for my period on the 3rd. My body is always like clockwork and cycles every 29 days. The only times I have been even a day late is when I was pregnant with both of my children. I took a test yesterday and it came back negative. I was wondering if anyone know if Seroquel can cause amenorrhea or if anyone else has experienced it while taking Seroquel? Also, if it does come back I am pregnant are there any side effects of taking it while pregnant?
  3. I got tons accomplished today, hopefully that means the meds are working well!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! I look forward to talking to you as well!

  5. hey! just wanted to pop in and say hello and to add you as a friend. Thanks for chatting with me :)

  6. I met my SO online. Through myspace to be exact. He wouldn't quit per suing me, so I finally caved in and went on a date with him. The rest is history:loved:
  7. I skip class frequently. I am 28 and recently transferred from a small local community college to a HUGE university. I was doing ok until my IPOD broke. Now I drive to where I am supposed to park and prepare myself for getting on the crowded bus. I have to make myself breathe when I am on those crowded buses with people half my age. I think I look like the old woman going back to school. I skipped class today. Seroquel has me fucked up. I can't get out of bed. I couldn't even take my kids to daycare because i woke up stumbling. Social Phobia is a horrible thing to have. I am so glad that I found people who understand my fear!
  8. Looking forward to meeting you in chat at some point.

  9. Buddhism is amazing! You should study it and try yoga and meditation,they all help me to stay centered :)

  10. nice to meet you in chat! I've been thinking alot about Buddhism... I get the Daily Dharma every day :)

  11. I was told by the pharmacist to not split Seroquel in half. It even states that on the main seroquel webpage. Not sure what it does when you split it. I would say your best bet is to contact your doctor and question why you are on a high dose. I was started out 2 days ago on 150mg and people are telling me that is a high dose. Hope you get the answers you need
  12. Thank you for your input. I believe you are probably right. My mind thinks that I should take something and miraculously be fixed LOL. Sometimes I need the push of other people to make me think differently. I just took my 2nd dose. I didn't feel any side effects except for the drowsiness, and anger.
  13. LOL yes it is from X-Men. I do not like the seroquel at all. I have to talk to my doc tomorrow about it. I have been tired all day and I was unable to function and when I had to I was extremely agitated. I feel like a human guinea pig sometimes!
  14. hey Linda. Thanks for the compliment. I will def. be joining chat sometime and you most def. can add me as a friend.

  15. Hey sweetie. I loved reading your introduction here. Plz join the group chat sometime- its awesome. I am adding u as a buddy if u don't mind.

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