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  1. If you were to split up over that arguement I'd be shocked because it's silly. She will get over it. I have been with my BF for nearly 2 years and we have had so many silly fights, one was over an ingredient in a sausage...we eventually laughed over it. You should maybe sit her down and explain how you feel.
  2. 17 years ago when i was smoking weed, i went nuts and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I gave up the weed and then not long after I stopped taking the medication and lived quite well. I still had some weird behaviour and thoughts but mainly in stressful situations. I started a new relationship 2 years ago(which i found stressful)he got me in to see a psychiatrist and they diagnosed me with bipolar 1. Hope this helped you in someway.
  3. I read about it thanks, however i don't think I'll try it. I am doing ok at the moment and suboxone does work well (if you want it to). I will probably use occasionally.
  4. Thankyou for the information i appreciate it. Im on day 2 now. Its a matter of keeping it up. I will definately look up ibogaine. Well done to your son, sounds like he's doing very well, Thanks
  5. I had a major anger problem years ago and went to anger management classes which helped alot.
  6. nutrigrain without milk (my favorite)
  7. My dear, there could be a few reasons why he stopped. My first thought was that men do like a challenge, he might have liked you yes, but more wanted to see if he could have sex with you. Also like the person before me said he realized it was wrong because you work together. And maybe he had finished and then said we shouldn't to cover up how quick he came. I learnt along time ago never mix business with pleasure ( i dated my bosses son, then lost my job), don't let it get to you because alot of people have been in a similar position. If it bothers you so much, why not ask him why he rejected you. hope this helped
  8. Thankyou Temp, I'm not in any support group, I just have the support of my BF. It is sooo hard but am doing ok today. I've had the suboxone this morning at 9:00am , it's only 4:30pm I'll see what happens when my BF gets home from work at 6pm....that is the true test. Thinking of him now I think of H. I also get really down and want it when I get my pain, I get pain alot during the day so I can't be busy all the time. Alot of the time I lay down during the day thinking of the H. Its a terrible cycle. I must say though my tolerance to H never went overboard, I can live off a $100 rock a day, which wasn't too bad. My BF always got extra cash from work to pay for us. He works fulltime, thats probably why he is the trigger, cos of the money. I'll try hard tonight. I know from before that if you get through the first few days its easier. But the first few days is the absolute hardest.
  9. Well I'm hoping today is the last day I do heroin. I am starting suboxone tomorrow 12mg. I have tried before a few times but ended up using again. I say to myself in the morning i will stop heroin but by 8pm my mind wants it. I was starting on 8mg but it's not enough if i keep wanting to get h. My BF is also quitting tomorrow. Between us I seem to be the weaker person, i keep mentioning h and he doesn't. So he gets it with me when he doesn't want it. I have to be strong and quit for myself, my BF, and my/his kids. This H is the hardest thing I've ever had to quit. I started taking H this time because of back pain. I've quit H 2 other times in my life, I had a job so it kept me busy and focused. This time I haven't got anything to keep me busy. I think thats why this time is so much harder. Last time I quit i got rid of my ex husband and changed my phone number aswell as move house and not tell anyone. This time I live with my boyfriend but have no job. It seems when on suboxone i don't think of h during the day, my BF is the trigger, he gets home from work and boom, my brain starts ticking away and then we go get it. Is anyone here in the same boat? Drop me a line and tell me how u quit. Or quit with me as I'll be happy to support someone and talk about it. Takecare People
  10. Thankyou for the www.help address you left at my blog it was very eye opening.

  11. Hi Panther,

    Things are....going. How are you?

  12. Hi crazycatlady, hope all is well,

  13. hi, nice to be added :)

  14. if your thinking of suicide...life can only get better...... so give life a chance.
  15. I have bipolar with some OCD I take zyprexa only and its working well. I started on an antidepressant and that didn't work well so I changed
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