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    "The stars at night, are dull and dim, whenever they have to be over dumb old stupid Texas!"
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    Music, failing at shit (apparently), food, good movies/actors, satire, dreams, felines, weed, the internet, books, drawing.
  1. do we just love the drama?

  2. and oh god. showers. i will push water drops out of my fingers way. and get mad at them.

  3. it's weird thinking about the times when i'm like, "wow. i KNOW that i'll never pick again. i don't even know how it was so hard to stop." and then i start again at an unknown time for an unknown reason. i did it to my chest just before i typed this. UGH. i want to get help, but my parents won't let me go to a doc and i can't afford to pay for it myself. so much ...

  4. The Beatles AND David Sedaris AND Dermatillomania? I think we may be the exact same person.

  5. yo yo yo. this looks a lot like FB.. cool.. i pick at my skin like FUCKIIN CRAZY. you posted something on august 24th that i just read that describes me exactly. minus the piercings. which, if i did have, i am SURE i would pick at too. i wanna talk about this with someone. especially since i just took my walk of shame out of the bathroom.

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