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  1. 1. As little as possible. Most likely, 100mg with a maximum of 200mg, twice a day unless recommended higher by a doctor. I wouldn't recommend taking this without the advice of a doctor. It's not particularly risky as a drug, but I'd have that policy for anything. I'm not sure you are, but I guess I'm a little confused by your dosage questions, which I figured would be set by your physician. 2. No idea. 3. Well if you actually need it, you'd probably be tired. Given that is what it's used for, you should expect to see those symptoms. I don't notice anything if I miss it on the weekend or a day I get more than enough sleep (at least I don't notice it until the late afternoon or early evening, if at all). No other problems for me. 4. I've taken it as late as 4pm and got to sleep. I could probably take it an hour before I want to go to sleep. This is probably not true for the majority of people. It wouldn't be like you "want to sleep," as I would describe happens with stimulants, but rather "you don't feel like sleeping even though you should." I take melatonin so that biases my ability to fall asleep, as well. 5. I haven't noticed any changes in appetite as I do with stimulants. However, I think as with most drugs that decrease appetite, you can still eat. You just have to make more of an effort to do so, which takes getting used to. Other people are saying it decreases weight. The company says it does not. Normally, I'd believe the independent people. But for some people at least, like me, it does not decrease weight (at least in a way significant enough to notice). 6. No, but stimulants can make me manic and depressed after they wear off. 7. Nothing weird.
  2. Tired. Break time soon.

  3. I've went from 150 to 300. I'm now going to 450. I get increased irritability, energy, mood swings, and sexual side effects (positive and negative). All the negative side effects have gone away each time. Energy stayed for the most part. Mood swings less prevalent. Irritability still there. But honestly, I never spoke up before when people were bothering me. I just might confuse being normal with irritability. So yea, I do have a bit of negative-positive reaction. It's mostly positive, though. The negative is more in spurts.
  4. Yeah, I meant holter. It could be other factors, but Wellbutrin does have stimulant component. Stimulants sometimes increase heart rate, etc.
  5. Update. I've been on 450 for one day. As for the pharmacy, I pay for the prescriptions then send them to my insurance provider. It's also 150mg 3 times a day, so that might make it different. I'll have to wait and see. I've never heard of dose limits with my provider, but it's through my parents. Thankfully, I don't have to focus on the stressful paperwork (yet). I have what I'd describe as an unusual pressure in my right testicle. I hope that's not too descriptive. I had that before, but I actually thought it was related to something else - not the Wellbutrin. If I had suspect the Wellbutrin, I would be more sympathetic to it being psychological. It was almost completely gone before I increased the dose so I suspect it will fix itself. It's probably the sexual side effects jump starting my system in some way. I investigated the issue before, there was no abnormalities, and I have an ultrasound next month just in case. Had a halter monitor that I should get the results from soon. Then I'll know if the medication was effecting that in any way. My weekend has being filled with the annoyance of trying to reorganize my computer's hardware and software to ensure the graphics card doesn't overheat, as well as maximize performance in some video games. Sounds fun, but it's not my kind of fun. After about six hours of screwing in and screwing out screws, I was pretty frustrated. I literally probably removed and reattached the a everything in the computer at least twice, with up to 6 times or more for other items. So the general annoyances have made it difficult to gauge whether if the medication has had any specifically positive benefits yet. I'm going to be optimistic and believe there were some slight improvements. After all, I've managed to fix the computer (for the most part) and am hoping it won't overheat. I'm pretty impressed I didn't freak out. When things like that don't go my way, I get really frustrated.
  6. I'm on 20 mg of Celexa, twice a day, 200 mg of Modafinil, twice a day, and 300 mg Wellbutrin, once a day. The Wellbutrin is increasing to 450 tomorrow. Does anyone have any knowledge of what to expect? Mild to significant benefits? More positive sexual side effects? Supposedly, 450 mg is a rare dose. I feel special now.
  7. I think there is a big difference between thoughts and actions. I try not to feel guilty about thoughts. I have to admit, though, I can feel guilty about them. In my view, thoughts are a problem with respect to how uncomfortable they make you. I'm not a psychological expert on any possible connection between thoughts and actions so I can't help there. I can relate, however. For instance, I've been having daydreams since I started Wellbutrin. They almost always involve a women being in distress and me intervening by attacking (and sometimes killing) one or multiple people. At first, I thought the women were the most interesting part. However, I later had violent thoughts involving hypothetical people who had hurt my dogs. The worst case, however, was envisioning a psychological break. In this daydream (I rarely remember dreams at night), my dogs accidentally hurt someone. They are very, very friendly so this is unrealistic. The court sentenced them, and I went crazy. What is my explanation for these thoughts? I just started watching this show Criminal Minds around the same time I started the medication. The medication alongside the nature of the show (it presents killers, violence, and psychology) made my imagination have a field day. The unfortunate thing with your case is your thoughts bother you. None of mine did. A long time ago, I thought about hurting my dog. I totally broke down and thought about suicide when that happened. Obviously, I still know I would never do that - no matter how much I thought it. However, the idea that it suddenly popped into my head really upset me. I mean, I could actively decide to think about that right now. But that doesn't bother me. I have control, and I know I wouldn't do that. Before, I felt out of control of my own mind. I felt like someone was specifically trying to torture me (not literally, I wasn't having delusions). I definitely sympathize. I enjoy my crazy "evil," thoughts now. However, a lot of people wouldn't consider them evil - with the exception of the psychological break case. Even then, I enjoyed that. Frankly, I really love my dogs and my family. However, I have a back of the mind rationalization of that to. I'm thankful I am a fairly introverted, non-violent person. If I had a violent personality, I can justify a lot of things to myself. So yeah. I'd say talk to the doctor. Coping mechanisms, medication changes, etc are an option. Depending on the thoughts themselves, you might consider rationalizing them. It's probably not advisable, though. When I say rationalize, I mean "actually believe." So if you're thinking about killing innocent people, it's probably not good to rationalize it. I've rationalized that myself in certain cases, but I study philosophy (and like ethical theory) so it's not as bad as it sounds. Good luck.
  8. The way I pay for my medications, I wouldn't be charged if someone else picked them up. I pay for them when I go to the pharmacy, and they don't have my information on file in terms of payments. I just toss my medication bottles. Never had any problems so far. I'm pretty open about the medications I take, though. I can see why some people wouldn't be. Also, if they can pick up your medications and charge you and/or prevent you from getting it, I'd definitely shred them. If someone did happen to get them, I would just call up my Pdoc.
  9. I posted in your blog. Just for an addition here. I wouldn't put yourself down for not being good at other things. I bet you are. I've met plenty of people who say they aren't good at things. Then I ask them something. They are good at what they said they weren't. They just didn't realize something they did well was an example of "reading skills, math skills, etc." Medication can effect memory. In most cases, however, you can get the memory back through effort (see blog response). Also, the anxiety/changes that sometimes come with medications can alter perceptions. Stress can also get people on a negative path. I'd suggest making efforts (see blog) and, at the same time, making yourself accept that your memory is great. You're simply stressed. Now your memory probably needs to improve. You know yourself. I'm suggesting specifically lying to yourself to reinforce a positive-self image and steer you in the right direction. Then again, I've had time where I thought a problem existed where it did not. Then my pessimism created the problem. That's always a possibility. I'd say try pretending that's the case. That way you'll have a more optimistic view about how effective solutions can be. I'm no expert, though. Good luck.
  10. Scientology is doing quite well. It has a lot of money relative to the amount of members it has. This is due in part to having many rich members. Secondly, they charge their members a lot financially. I don't even support freedom of religion applying to Scientology. I think it exploits vulnerable people who have MI. There was one case where a member died, I believe, because of Scientology's stance on psychiatry and its pseudo-scientific beliefs.
  11. Interesting. Do you know the names of the tests you took? Also, I'm Canadian so maybe you have no idea. Is it commonplace for such testing to be covered by insurance?
  12. I don't remember how I was diagnosed when I was younger. At one time, I was diagnosed with bipolar (according to my mother). Another time, it was dysthymia disorder. I know I have SAD, but that isn't a particularly difficult thing to figure out. I know I have some sort of depression, but that's not that specific. Along the road, different people have criticized the diagnosis of other people. I've had random things suggested to me by people who aren't qualified to make those judgments. So I'm curious what I "have" so to speak. Just out of interest sake, mostly. Anyone know the names of any tests that are sometimes used to diagnosis mental illness? Is it possible to do them independently, assuming I could get copies? Wasn't sure where to post this so it can be moved if someone likes. Thanks
  13. I'm a very open-minded person. I might fall outside the norm here. First of all, it was a topless picture. Men are allowed to go topless without anyone questioning them. She shouldn't be punished for being a women. Sure, her intent was clear. Sexuality isn't a bad thing. Even young kids have sex drives. Yes, we don't want people having sex at a young age if we can avoid it. But it isn't a slippery slope. People can "stop" at a certain point. Kids already stop at "sex." They do everything but have sex. Data consistently shows openness about sex produces better results in terms of harm minimization. It's absolutely shameful for anyone to judge her for what she did. She didn't harm anyone. If I eat a disgusting looking meal, it's your problem if it disgusts you. It's not my fault. I'm entitled to do whatever I want. Her body doesn't send magical "sex dust" that burns the hearts of everyone who sees or hears about her actions. They have to business getting upset with someone over something that doesn't concern them at all. Frankly, the parents acted like most parents would. However, I don't think that did anything but reinforce the idea that she did something wrong. I also don't think the school has any right to punish her for an exchange the boyfriend clearly had no problem with. He is the one who distributed it in school. He should be the only one being punished. People judge women so unfairly compared to men, and they are so uptight about sexuality. Kids rebel. The harder this anti-sex crusade pushes, the more sexual things will get. Then again, I'm very open-minded. I tend to say my piece on things like this. Then everyone who is arguing stops in order to agree that I am wrong, lol.
  14. Warning: Not a happy, fuzzy, super cool topic. If you're easily brought down, don't read. However, I do suggest that you have a great day! I just finished my last exam. I wasn't doing as well this term as I was hoping, but I had a lot of problems. Still, I did well on most of my exams. When I was approaching my last two exams, I just ran out of steam. Luckily, I knew the material already so my lack of energy/motivation to study didn't hurt much. A day before my last two exams. No energy. No motivation. I already had problems with these things, too. Today, I'm done exams. I'm planning on having some pizza and relaxing. I still worked hard. Yet I'm really depressed. For the first time in awhile, I've been having some suicidal thoughts. I'm pretty good at managing these. They're not in the risk zone yet. But this has never been the case for me. I've always felt a huge amount of relief after exams - even in cases where I knew I didn't do well. Now, my plan is to pursue grad school in philosophy. My grades have never been in the range I want to reach this goal. Every year, I stay positive. This will be the year I'm motivated and will do well. Thing don't change. Now I did do "better" this year. Improvements were made, but improvements don't mean anything to cutoff entry requirements. This is my second to last year, but I could theoretically keep taking classes until I reach my goal. I'm capable of doing well. I'm still not functioning at my normal level both intellectually and motivation-wise. I switched majors before. Then I went back to philosophy. I'm questioning my choice again, but I assume it's my pessimism. Psychology, Offender Profiling, and Psychiatry have crossed my mind. But as it is now, I don't have the motivation to even think about those things. My parents will support my efforts in philosophy, but I don't know for how long. Eventually, they're bound to get tired of helping me financially. I don't settle. That's just the way I am. I enjoy school and despise work (sometimes I do it to satisfy my parents/earn money). Hence, I want to teach philosophy. If my life doesn't involve a job I enjoy in the future, I'd probably lose my sanity. I know most people live their lives with jobs they dislike. That's a skill. I don't have the skill. I have no intention of developing it. I'll do things I don't like, but I want to enjoy what I will spend years of my life doing. I won't enjoy all of it, but I want to enjoy it "overall." Ugh, I hope I feel better later. Any stress reduction techniques or something? Right now, I just like to be frozen somehow. Then they can wake me up when they know how to fix me. I don't really see the point in much these days. I feel like my brain needs a reset button. Tons of people have it worse than me. Yep, I've got that to feel guilty about. Knowing that other people "tough it out" makes me feel bad. People seem to think that motivates people. Not me. Then not only am I not in a bad environment, I have amazing circumstances. I got dealt a great hand by the lottery in life. Great parents. Two dogs. No friends, but I don't care to be honest. Food, nice house. Financially, my parents look after me fairly well, although I still stress about this a ridiculous amount. Tons of books. Computer, Video Games. I'm so lucky and somewhat spoiled. Yet I'm not really happy. The universe should've given a normal person my life. At least they could enjoy it. I just coast through life like a robot. Once in awhile, I feel alright. Most of the time, I don't care. I care about my dogs and my family. I do things for them, not for myself. I don't even believe in the concept of a self so I treat myself like a machine. I'm not even an efficient machine. I'm like a car missing 2 wheels. You can drive it, but it's pretty much a piece of junk that only a moron would buy. Man, I'm really off today. I don't get it. Christmas is coming. Going to see family. Exams are done. Arg. This made me feel better a bit. Time to take the dog out. Maybe that'll improve my mood - although I don't really like walking. Have a good day.
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