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  1. These are no hallucinations. It is all too real I am singing. I don't feel comfortable talking to my 65 year old Dr. about this, I just can't imagine him thinking it was anything more than I can't get a song out of my head. It certainly is not that. Yeah I've had a stupid little jingle from time to time that I just heard go over and over in my head but this is not like that at all this just doesn't last a few hours this is constant and can be any song or a number of different songs all the time. No other symptoms and yes it is EXTREMELY annoying, in fact it is somewhat troublesome.
  2. I think this problem just might drive me over the edge. Every waking moment of my life I am singing in my head. Unless I am talking to someone, typing this page or watching TV I am singing in my head. This may go on for several seconds before I even realize I am doing it. It can be a recent song or jingle I've heard or any random song and it's only a short verse of the song over and over. When I try and concentrate on something else to stop it as soon as my concentration wanes there I am singing again. If I wake in the middle of the night I takes me quit a while to fall back to sleep because of the singing. I have no explanation for this and can't seem to find a way to deal effectively with it. I do have a concern that a period in my life that I experimented with the drug ecstasy may be coming back to haunt me. Does anybody have any thoughts about this annoying problem....condition?
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