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  1. I started feeling calmer and less manic after being on a steady blood level of approximately 0.8mmol/l for a week or so and then bit by bit my mood evened out over the next couple of weeks. It worked really well for me I took it for 13.5 years but had to go of it to my detriment because I developed stage 3 chronic kidney disease. I'm now on Valproate
  2. Yes. I've just started knitting and made a blanket for my cousin's baby. Do you live or have ever visited a European country?
  3. I also agree that low dose chlopromazine could help with sleep. When I was in the psych unit a few years ago the pdoc prescribed 50-100mg PRN as I had severe insomnia and it did the trick
  4. I like spaghetti Are you able to work....even part time??
  5. After the humid weather (for Ireland!!!) it has now cooled down. We had torrential rain all day yesterday but today was dry
  6. Feeling fairly balanced and in control..for now lol
  7. Thank you for your response. It is only very slight tongue movement but I will definitely speak to my pdoc about it.
  8. Thank you so much for all your replies. I guess topamax isn't the way to go for weight loss and I just have to slog it out the hard way. I don't think that my pdoc would be up for it anyway
  9. jt struggled like us all but that never stopped him from reaching out and offering advice even though it was obvious he too was suffering. He was a genuinely caring person and crazyboards certainly won't be the same without him. May he rest in peace now. Joyce
  10. I take haloperidol 7.5mg and my right hand shakes from time to time. When I become aware of it I can stop it but then I notice it happening again. It's strange that it is only one limb that is affected. Anyone on haloperidol have this side effect? I also have a bit of tongue movement but know that that can be a side effect
  11. I'm not sure where do put this. Has anybody been prescribed topamax specifically to lose weight due to medication. If so did it work, were there any side effects and what dose helped?
  12. My current cocktail for Bipolar disorder: Sodium Valproate 1800mg nocte Quetiapine 800mg nocte Lamotrigine 150mg BD Fluoxetine 40mg nocte Haloperidol 2.5mg mane and 5mg nocte
  13. I was on lithium for 13 and a half years dose alwsys 800mg and blood level 0.8mmol/L. Then a routine blood test in 2016 showed my kidneys weren't functionally as well as they should.......59%. So pdoc lowered dose to 600mg kidneys ...about 0.6mmol/L but it didn't help and in fact my kidney function went down to 52% so pdoc took me off of it and referred me to a nephrologist. My kidney function never improved but it doesn't affect me. I now take sodium valproate.
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