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  1. I don't think you should tell him. You should just decide if cheating is a part of your relationship that you're comfortable living with - because once the pattern is established it's very hard to break.
  2. Okay I just read your other thread about Thanksgiving and I see your DH is, in fact, sticking up for you. The MIL and SIL are just petty and childish . . . bleh!
  3. This is a minor issue, I suppose - but it ramps up my anxiety My dad died a year and a half ago (accident followed by a 9 month cycle of getting a little better and then deteriorating). Now, whenever I tell my cats "no" to sitting in my lap or sleeping on my bed etc., I have this instant pang of "One day they'll be dead and you'll wish they were still here for you to love." And then I get this image of my favorite cat just fading into thin air and nothing left but a kitty ghost. WTF is that? I hate it. It's so intense I have to choke back tears. I get a similar thing when I go sleep in another bedroom if my husband is snoring or something . . . this unwanted thought in the back of my mind of me being an old lady alone in the bed wishing I could hear my husband snore. I mean it's so stupid and seems insignificant and I just try to ignore it, but just sitting here typing about it and admitting to it it's all I can do not to start sobbing. What the hell does that mean? Why can't I make this go away?
  4. I hope your husband takes up for you. My mom has trouble in her own marriage and she projects that onto my husband sometimes. She says things to me, not him, but I let her know if she's getting close to crossing the line and I would not tolerate her treating him the way your in-laws treat you. I try not to contribute to negative feelings she may have for my husband by keeping my family out of our business, as well. I wish I could march right up there and take up for you!!! You are a better person that I am . . . I would be done trying - and I'd be telling my husband to grow a pair and tell his family where the f*ck to get off (your husband may already be doing that . . I have no idea . . .it just seems like he should be blocking you from all their crap) My dad's family is JUST LIKE what you're describing . . . his sister even started problems when my dad was lying in intensive care in a coma. I saw him for 5 minutes before she took me aside and started telling me how insensitive my stepmom was being to she and my grandmother . . .i mean OMG the woman's husband is in intensive care . . . it's sick to say this, but there was so much drama with with that side of the family all the time, that when my dad died, along with the grief came an intense relief that after the funeral I would never have to see those people again . . . Hang in there . . .
  5. Um . . .I thought I was just going to be okay after they diagnosed me and kept upping my medicine . . .so, eventually the medicine will stop working?
  6. I used to fantasize about moving to another country and leaving my family and their issues in the dust. My parents are divorced and my dad's side of the family has no idea I am bipolar and I will never tell them. No one knows about my dx as bipolar except my husband, mom, sister and my mom's parents. They are on a need to know basis. At some point, you just have to stand up for yourself and get the help you know you need. You never know - you're family may fall in line . . . even if they don't - it's not fair to live in misery so as not to inconvenience them.
  7. welcome :D thanks for visiting my blog

  8. Thank you! My husband is supportive - but he doesn't really get it, ya know? I think it's hard for people to understand unless they have been through it. Thanks for the encouragement.
  9. I've got one on this topic. My "best" friend of 12 years when I told her about the BP diagnosis. Me: "So, don't tell anyone this, but they diagnosed me as bipolar today" Her: (laughing) "I could have told you that" Me: "What?" Her: "Seriously, you didn't know you had that? How could you not know you had that?" Me: "Well if you knew so f'king much, how come you didn't tell me?" Her: "Because you're f'king crazy. I was afraid you'd come after me with a knife or something." Me (outloud) "ummm . ." (in my head) "Bitch! bitchbitchbicthbitch! OMG you're such a huge bitch" Yes. We are no longer friends.
  10. I'm so there. At this point, I too am just like . . what's the point of trying anything - I'll probably just hate it. LOL I talked myself out of the Knifty Knitter, like 5 times.
  11. Holy crap! That sucks. I know that seems like a lame response, but I feel like it has to be said. In your position I would be totally for taking the cat and fleeing the country. I completely understand you when you say the cat is keeping you going. Please keep us posted . . . I think more people would have responded to this if they knew what to say. I am sending positive energy your way, and I really really hope things get better for you.
  12. Hello fellow nut-jobs - how are you? I was happy and relieved to stumble upon this site. There are people who actually get it - and that is amazing to me. After 7 years of being medicated unsuccessfully for depression, I was finally diagnosed as bipolar. I forced myself into the psych office when the urge to smash my coworkers faces into their computer monitors began occurring more than once a day. After learning more about the disease, I know I've had this since childhood, and I'm occasionally kinda pissed that no one figured it out. This illness has been severe for me - I've been unable and unwilling to form and retain close relationships (except romantic relationships which I formed with obsessive abandon - whoopee for dating assholes) - so I'm currently kinda friendless. I've had trouble staying in school and holding down jobs . . . and at one point I was hospitalized for attempted suicide. (the tiny violin is playing now) Through all of this I've met an unbelievably high amount of bad doctors . . . really bad . . .I am appalled at the current state of our health care system. I was diagnosed in August 2009 and I'm starting to learn that life can be more than a series of disasters interspersed with moments of awesomeness. I used to live in absolute fear and hopelessness . . . now I feel like a kitten squinting up at the light for the first time. It's scary, but really interesting. In the last 3 years I met, fell in love with and married my soul mate, graduated college, landed my first good job and bought a house. Now, instead of waiting for the lightning to come out of the sky and fry all of that to a smoking char . . .I'm cautiously hopeful about the future, and dare I say - optimistic, even. Weird. One thing that hasn't changed much is that I still find it difficult to like people. I don't know why. My husband thinks it would do me a lot of good to find some friends - he's probably right. I think mostly he wants me out of his hair, though. LOL Ta-da!
  13. Pineapple

    Is it me?

    It sucks that you have to check behind EVERYONE . . . pharmacists and doctors included . . . but you do - I mean heaven forbid they do their job correctly. Everyone makes mistakes, but I hear about this kind of thing all the time - especially with the pharmacies. It just adds to the feeling that no one cares and you're on your own.
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