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  1. I have a med appointment coming up. I am afraid to tell him that my klonopin is not working anymore. I do not want him to think I am benzo-seeking or something. I used to be on a much higher dose, and I think that was too much. I do not want to be drugged- I need to function. But just the same... since others abuse them, I am scared to ask for more help in case they think I am one of them.
  2. I have been on both for some time, and they work very well together. One thing many people do not know, is that Lithium can be prescribed at the high end of range as treatment for major depressive disorder. I have always struggled with my lows being longer and more severe than my manic episodes. When they prescribed both stabilizers together, it did a lot to alleviate my symptoms. I have not had a really unmanageable low in quite some time- as in years.
  3. My doc prescribed Saphris for me a couple of months ago and it was the final med in my cocktail that seemed to finally bring me to a place of stability. I felt the difference within about 2-3 days. It was as if someone focused the lense on my camera and it seemed to bring my marginal stability we had found into a sharper focus. It has been a miracle for me. I just wondered if anyone has tried this drug, and experienced any effects. There is such limited info available out there with it being so new. I am hopeful that this stability lasts and that we finally "got it" with my cocktail for the long term....
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