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  1. Yes and was told it was Derealization. I never felt this with derealization.
  2. I have this really strange symptom, I can't feel time, it's like I look at the clock, yet it's like my perception of time is off. You know how when someone says It "feel" like noon? I know intellectally that it is noon if a look at the clock, but I can't "feel" time. Or like I cannot place years. It's like the clock is round, yet I feel like time is flat. Anyone ever have this? What is it?
  3. My doctor prescribed me 5mg valium pills 5mg every 4 hrs. I was on 10mg 3 x day before. So I changed the dosing times. I actually take 20mg, 30mg is way too sedating for me. Valium supposed to have a very long half-life compared to klonopin, which I was on before. It's more sedating too. I was just checking to see if it was okay to change the dosing times. I was told since valium has a 200 hour 1/2 life, that it was ok to take it all at once or spread the doses out.
  4. Has anyone ever changed the dosing times on the Benzo? I take valium.
  5. I took Klonopin for a while I don't know how many years, and built a tolerance to all the effects. I started out 0.5mg a day, then 1mg, had to increase it until at 5mg. I switched to Valium, which I had to taper down to do that. The klonopin worked well, but it got to where it just stopped, and without warning. The sedation left first, and then the Anti-Convulsant effect, then the muscle relaxant effect, then the anxiety effect was last. Everyone is different when it comes to tolerance. The valium sedation left me maybe after a year.
  6. It's actually 500mg tabs. I called and he said it would be okay to take 1,000 starting out. I didn't mention the Depakote is ER.
  7. Thanks everyone. I supposed to take 2,000mg but I think I will start out 500mg.
  8. I supposed to take Depakote, is anyone else on it? I supposed to take it for a Neuro problem and mood, both. Does it help? Thanks, Billy.
  9. Klonopin made me depressed too, it was a chemical depression.. I am now on Valium, it does make you depressed but not like Klonopin did, we all vary and are different.
  10. Just to add, I tried going off 5mg of klonopin in 2007 and had a seizure, it was hell on earth to cold turkie..don't do that! I quickly reinstated to 5mg, now I'm at 32mg of Valium and my mind is so much clearer than it was. But do not cold turkie, I had a seizure and was in fear that was unthinkable! I would personally cross to valium and go that route, I've had a time with Klonopin, it ruined me for a long time! I thought the tolerance I was in was a new diagnosis. Read Stevie Nick's story on it, she said it was sheer hell. If you taper slowly, you should be ok, may not be withdrawal free, but anything is better than a cold turkie, I wish I never seen a Benzo. They initially help, but coming off them is ridiculous.
  11. I'm very sorry to hear this, if you're still around. The hospital should have weaned him off the medications in my opinion. Just my opinion, I don't know exactly what happened, but I'm sorry for your loss.
  12. I don't feel right, I think I'm addicted to many things including pills. My past history involves Benzo's, I took my first Klonopin in 2003, and I felt complete Euphoria. I use to drink on top of medications, I abused Ritalin for a long time, almost had a stroke! Ritalin is more powerful than people give it credit for. I had a stomach surgery, they gave me Propofol, Ketamine and Fentanyl, one of those made me feel absolutely good! I have been searching for that same euphoria. I also abused Risperdal once, because it made me feel normal the more I took, like Euphoric. Excedrin, just for the caffeine rush. Ambien for the feeling of just relaxation, sometimes 20-40mg. Pot, Heroin a few times, speed.. I'm only on Valium at the time suppose to take 40-60mg a day PRN, but only 30mg, trying to keep the Addiction of wanting more down. I see a Psychiatrist the 28th of this month, I know she will prescribe me meds. Should I tell her about these past addictions? I don't want to go to detox for the Valium, I need it because of Anxiety plus it helps with seizure control I think. Thanks.
  13. This is an older post, but I get what you're saying. I think I'm an addict too.. Especially with anything that makes me feel sedated and down, I have done other things besides just Benzos or "Uppers" I know I said "Down" but I use to take gobs of Ritalin to get the rush and Euphoria with it and then loved the coming down part, I use to drink over Klonopin.. Propofol I crave. Ketamine I crave.. how I got here I don't know.. but I'm resisting it. Billy.
  14. I think I may be going into some kind of Psychoses, not sure. I have thoughts all day of having a seizure, it's constantly. I feel as though the world is just dark and the air during the day looks funny, hard to explain, it's like the air changes color's.. but I don't see the color, again hard to explain. Also I fear leaving the house. Anyone have this, is this Psychoses? B.
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