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    I really like cats, obviously. My interests tend to vary, depending on my mood. I watch a lot of tv. I actually don't like to do much these days.

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  1. Well I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. I'm hoping it will go away but I'm kinda worried since it's been getting worse. Hopefully it won't get too much worse before I see my pdoc on Friday.
  2. I'm having a lot of soreness in my back, shoulders and neck. It's also in my upper arms and my elbows, but it's kind of random. I'm wondering if it's from Latuda, or maybe the combination of Risperdal and Latuda? I can't really seem to find anything about soreness, just stiffness or spasms which I don't have. I've been on Latuda for a week and a half now and I guess the soreness is getting progressively worse. At first I thought maybe I had just slept wrong, but it's not going away. I'm also having some minor trouble swallowing, but I had that when I started Risperdal and it eventually went away. I've also been having a lot of nausea, but I decided yesterday that I'd take Latuda after dinner (instead of w/breakfast) to see if that helped and it did. Do you think that I should be worried about this? I'm just concerned because it seems to be getting worse, though it's definitely tolerable. Could it just be from taking 2 AAP's? I see my pdoc on Friday and I guess I'll just see what she says, but I'm wondering if this is normal or cause for concern.
  3. My pdoc says I am excellent at pretending that I'm happy/okay. I've had to do it for so long, that I guess I've gotten good at it. After I was dx with BP and had to go inpatient in high school, I've had to hide how I really felt. My mom freaked out and would only let me take AD's because in her opinion I was just depressed. I didn't want to upset her or make her hate me or whatever, so I self medicated and made sure to act like I was fine (or mildly depressed). I feel like showing how I really feel is a burden to other people and upsets them, so I pretty much hide my moods with my husband as well. He can tell when I'm really depressed or extremely irritable, mixed episodes are hard to hide. I also don't want anyone at work to know, so I try my best to put on a happy face at work. I've broken down in the bathroom and at my desk on several occasions though. It's really difficult because I feel like I have to deal with my episodes all on my own and it can make me feel really alone..."faking it" can be really overwhelming.
  4. I would just wait until the relationship gets past casual dating. Like, when you think it's going to be a serious relationship. You don't want to hide it, since it's a big part of your life, but you don't need to tell every person on the first or second date either.
  5. I've had to take prednisone several times for asthma. I've never had the shot though, just the pills, and I usually take them for less than 10 days. They do mess with my mood a little, but not enough for me to not take it. I just notice that I get a little irritable and cry more easily. I think it just kind of depends on how you react to it, but I definitely wouldn't take it unless absolutely necessary. My doctor was wary of prescribing it to me last time, but since I'd done okay on it it the past, he gave it to me. I get a sinus infection just about every year but I can't seem to remember what I usually take.
  6. Yeah, not on the first day. I would wait until things are getting serious, but I'm not very open about my illness. I didn't tell my husband until right before, or maybe not until, we were living together.
  7. I sort of have that same thing. I think I'm still struggling with acceptance, which I think makes things seem worse, I don't know. I tend to look back over the years and see how I was doing well, and then I'd have an episode, then get well again and then another episode. I wish that I could believe that I will have longer periods of total stability, but when I'm getting symptoms every few months, it makes it hard to think positively. For me, I'm just trying to make sure I stay on meds (which I struggle with sometimes) and I try to remind myself that things can get better, in time. I get what you're saying, and it sucks. I wish I had some awesome advice to help you, but I just don't.
  8. I've only been in 3 relationships that lasted over a year (I dated people in high school for a week or a month, so I don't count those). Those have all been pretty good and were healthy relationships. However, there were lots of people that I "hooked up with" when I was not stable and was being self destructive. I think that they were mood episode related because I didn't do those things when I was feeling stable. I have a good relationship now, with my husband.
  9. I was on it for maybe 3 weeks? I can't remember exactly. It was great the first week I was on it, not tired at all, and then I switched and I could hardly keep my eyes open. I had to come off of it because I work full time and I was literally falling asleep at my desk.
  10. This happens to me also and it's really scary. You need to talk to you pdoc about it, maybe you need a med adjustment or something. Just try to keep reminding yourself that nobody is watching you, that this is just a symptom. Sometimes that helps...a little.
  11. If the weight gain is an issue, maybe you could give Invega a try to see if it works as well without the weight gain? Risperdal has been pretty good to me, but I couldn't take Invega (it made me feel exhausted all the time). It's really different for everyone, so there's no way to know unless you try it.
  12. My constant one is that I am being watched. I call them "the people". I feel that they are inside my house (but I can't see them) and sometimes they are outside, waiting to capture me. Sometimes I feel that they are just monitoring me, and other times I feel like they are going to take me somewhere to experiment on me or torture me. Another common one is seeing bugs (mainly spiders, which I am terrified of) crawling across my desk or falling down the walls.
  13. I used to binge drink...I'd drink a LOT pretty much every Friday and Saturday night. Now, my tolerance is really low. I can have maybe 2 cocktails or a few beers...and I have to make sure that I eat a full meal. If I drink just a little too much, I have horrible hangovers. I will throw up until like 5 or 6 the next night and it's awful. I only drink every few months now and I try to limit myself to just a couple of drinks. It's kind of nice because it's much cheaper.
  14. I've always had at least one pet since I was little (usually a cat, but also dogs and a bunny and a leopard gecko). I currently have 3 cats and a bearded dragon. My cats are so important to me. They provide great comfort and can really help me to calm down and relax when I'm feeling out of sorts. I don't know what I'd do without them.
  15. Don't worry, you're not on that many meds, though I know it seems that way. I also take 3 (plus bcp and I have a prn) and at first I thought I was taking a lot too. It made me feel badly about myself for a while. I think it just takes some getting used to.
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