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  1. Hey. A late hi back to ya. Took a break myself. Drop me a pm if you ever want to chat.

  2. says a late hi back. took a break from the boards.


  3. Hi love i'm well and you?

  4. Hey LG! How are ya?

  5. No problem. That's what friends do for each other.

  6. I've missed you on here. Thanks for pulling me through.



  7. Hey LG! Karma has been good to me lately too. Glad you're feeling better.

  8. Hi!!!!!!!!!


  9. I hate avocados too. Blech! This is an interesting question and I can relate to what Karuna said. Throughout all the MI bullshit, ward stays, treatment programs, brainwashing, and the overall zombified life I've been living for the last decade I've lost my personal identity. I am now trying to regain my identity and find things that I enjoy doing. My life has been so one dimensional that I'm not sure what I truly enjoy. There are a few things I enjoy....watching football, playing basketball, reading. But I'm searching for a connection to something that I can truly immerse myself in. In DBT speak that skill is called participation. Throwing yourself into a particular hobby or endeavor. There are several things I want to try but like others this changes with mood or the given day. Choices are good. I think that the more new things we try the easier it will be to choose something that we connect with thereby establishing a favorite "anything". But yeah, can totally relate. You're not the only weirdo. I think for me it's just a matter of exploring interests until I find my one (or few) favorite things to do.
  10. I agree with OW. A few years ago I was coming off an extremely horrible manic psychotic episode. I was in a psych hosptial and I agreed to the haloperidol injection. The injection worked great because of my non-compliance history and psychotic symptoms but totally zapped the life out of me. Numbness, apathy, and a 2 year long depression followed. (This has happened on other AP meds too.) I started Abilify in conjunction with the DEC shot and am now functioning very well. My mood is good and life has gotten remarkably better since my last inpatient stay. Life doesn't suck anymore. So, yes I think postschizo depression is very real based on personal experience.
  11. CB is noticeably slower on the weekends so I'm wondering what do you guys do for fun or recreation? I don't get out much. Usually just hang around the house and drink a couple beers, watch tv, surf the net...basic bullshit. I have friends but they don't do much other than play video games and smoke cigarettes. I started working a new job Friday so that will give me something to do during future weekends. Just doing laundry today. Anyway, I'm curious to find out what keeps CB'ers busy....
  12. mh_logic

    Favorite TV shows?

    I'm with Artimisia. Six Feet Under was one of my favorite shows of all time. Also OZ. I love Lock Up. Two and a Half Men. Family Guy. Olberman's alright. I'm a huge sports fan so I watch a lot of Sportscenter. I don't have Showtime so I can't watch Weeds but will pick it up on DVD. I want to get into Breaking Bad but want to watch the series from the first episode so I haven't been watching the latest ones.
  13. Cypress Hill - I want to get high.
  14. There is a really cool record store near me that sells used cd's and dvd's. I try to pick up a couple whenever I'm driving by. Here are some random fav's: Pink Floyd Allman Bros. Beatles Metallica Beastie Boys Cypress Hill STP Bush Nirvana Pearl Jam Gang Starr Eminem Bone Thugs Nine Inch Nails Sublime Kottonmouth Kings De La Soul Mos Def Bubba Sparxxx Wu-Tang *edit* Stealing a couple from VE: Tom Petty The White Stripes Jimi - who doesn't love Hendrix?
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