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  1. Exactly. Use an AAP for treatment resistant depression. She has tried only four meds (not including her current ones). Also her med is working at 70%. Does this sound treatment resistant? I don't think so. I said over and over again that in this particular case. Not in every one with depression. AAP's have helped tons with depression. I know that. Don't say that I don't when you aren't sure. And I know you are referring to me so don't come back with "I wasn't talking about you!" I encourage you to read my posts again.
  2. I'm tired of life.

    1. netsavy006


      I'm sorry to hear that. I hope things get better soon.

  3. I was also diagnosed as BP I too. But after a seven month stay in a state hospital they were able to tease out more of my symptoms and I took the MMPI and they were like, "what? This looks like someone with schizophrenia." but they also knew I had a heavy mood component to my disorder. So that's when I got the SZA diagnosis BP type. And I fought it at first thinking, no way am I SZ anything. I KNOW I am "only" bipolar. Not SZA. But then they thought me more about it and I realized I did have it. At my last hospitalization I was told it was clear cut, severe, chronic, etc. hard news to hear.
  4. If you drink everyday that sets off red flags for a possible drinking problem. Ask your dr about it. I think too that the IOP couldn't hurt. Actually it might really help. You never know! Give it a whirl I say!
  5. I am struggling with this very question too. It's like how do you know whether to try a new med or med combo or if this is as good as it's going to get for you and you should just learn to live with certain symptoms and certain side effects. It's so fucking hard! I'm sick of playing the med game. But I'm also so sick of dealing with symptoms. Have you tried fanapt or zyprexa? I know, I know zyprexa causes weight gain in most. But it is a really good med. I'm not sure about taking it long term though. I don't know if pdoc's support that or not. It would have to be up to your pdoc. Or lithiu
  6. Yes I am very much aware Sylvan. Thank you. I have done my research and we have a large family plan. My mother also gets a decent discount on the data package.
  7. Thanks for your help Squirlygrl! It's good to hear that you are happy with the 4S. I do think I will be purchasing it now that it is cheaper.
  8. I never lost any weight on metformin and I used it while on zyprexa. Just my experience. But I do think you should ask your pdoc about lowering the dose or adding metformin instead.
  9. Thanks for your input Luna, but I usually spend anywhere from $50-$100 on a new phone every 2-4 years. It's an expense that I knew was coming. So I am prepared.
  10. Risperdal never made me sleepy. But few meds do! Seroquel and trazodone put me to sleep! I hope the risperdal works for you!
  11. Now that the iPhone 5 has been released I gather only three real big differences between the two. 1 a better Siri. 2 a larger/taller screen. 3 18% thinner. I guess the iPhone 5 16GB is going to be $199 with contract, the 4S is going to be $99 16GB, and the 4 8GB is now going to be free. My mom found this out on msn.com she said. My mom is for sure getting the 4 and I'm almost positive I will get the 4S. I don't particularly care for a larger screen as it will may be be too tall. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  12. Omg it's almost laughable that some of you think you know everything about me. Or at least enough to bully me and make fun of me and my financial situation! Why the fuck do you feel the need to harass me in everything I do or say? You don't know things that have occurred financially for me, and you obviously haven't been following all of my blogs and posts. Things are looking up for us financially and I have a birthday coming up. And no I do not get $200 for my birthday either. I'm not going into any further detail or explanations because I don't feel that some of you deserve it. You don't des
  13. You have got to do what is best and what makes sense for you. If you give her a year at your household, you very generous and caring person!, then that is what you should do if it feels right. It's good that you know what is best for your family and for yourself, like how you wont leave your daughter with her alone. That is great insight. Good work antigone!
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