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  1. Who needs to be nice to other people when they have nothing to do with your support ? I think Ozzies came up with the classic " FUCK OFF "
  2. I live in oz aswell and I think that yes we have awesome support for people here but I think the point the OP is trying to make isn't the support that's the problem. It's the relationships with people in oz. For example I got schizophrenia and even though some of the mental health workers that support me are gorgeous and I would love to date some of them I can't it's not allowed and they would lose their job * IF * anyone found out.
  3. Nearly one year later I've gotten better and stable with meds and I've thought about what that " jackass nurse " said: Basically he was talking to me like that coz HE DIDN'T WANT ME TO DO IT and to give me the idea my behavior at the time will keep getting a bad/nasty/negative reaction so I would knock it off in the future to stop me from self harming
  4. Yeah I saw her recently about this and she said "Well if someone you didn't know approached you and acted like he knew you when he DIDN'T and you never talked before, how would you react?" I swear if a good looking women approached me like that a little voice in my head would say "HELL YEAH!!!!" I was just being sarcastic.... Well if I never talk to them/her whoever how on earth can I become friends or get to know them better? You think just saying for example "hi,how are you?" I'm a pest, a stalker? Does that make sense? PLZ EXPLAIN So I should just keep to myself say nothing to no one and I would look more like a freak/weirdo and people could assume the worst about me and I'll just be a guy that never talks just a guy that stares at people? Just speaking to someone " might " be okay? Again there's something wrong with talking to people you don't really know? How can people get to know eachother if they don't talk?
  5. This is a story and a warning for people who don't follow doctors instructions when taking antipsychotics or for people who "think they can run their own show" such as myself. I started Seroquel in Januarty 2004 and ended up on 1200mg then in August the same year my pdoc added Zyprexa and ended up on 30MG. Then in January 2005 I stopped the Zyprexa SUDDENLY coz of the weight gain without telling my pdoc. A week or two later I got the most restless body and at the time I knew nothing about " akathisia ". I had a pulling sensation in my legs, arms and back. The urge to MOVE and sometimes I did. My eyes were also affected and had problems reading paragraphs let alone a book even till now. My pdoc gave me cogentin which DIDN'T work then tried artane, most beta-blockers even benzo's. NOTHING touched it and my former pdoc just said "It's not the antipsychotic causing your restlessness". And now after doing research on the internet coz I had no choice I found out that " akathisia doesn't exist in life. It's coz of SOMETHING you've taken such as medication or even street drugs" How do I know it's coz of the antipsychotics? Well everytime I switched to a different drug and the dose was increased the pulling and burning in my legs/body got worse . I have changed antipsychotics several times and finally this akathisia has settled down with Seroquel XR but not completely gone but isn't as bad as it used to be and at the moment of writing this post it feels like "the back of my calves are burning" I honestly believe that I have now a movement disorder coz of suddenly stopping the Zyprexa 7 years ago. I also believe some parts of my dopamine are damaged coz of the sudden discontinuation at such a big dose and I have to give some time for my dopamine to "repair" with my current antipsychotic and hopefully the akathisia will go away. I used to be on 1200MG of the Seroquel XR and coz the akathisia was getting worse under the pdoc's supervision he knocked it to 1000mg and said to "sit on it" and slowly cut the dose back but really I think I wouldn't go below 800MG coz that's when the voices stopped before. My current pdoc's advice is that I can't go off antipsychotics all together coz my schizophrenia will come back but to get the dose on the seroquel XR as low as possible and give it time to see if it goes away and by time he means MONTHS after each dose reduction. My story, my fault. Lesson learned and people should learn from my experience... DON'T STOP MEDS SUDDENLY
  6. Yeah most of my former friends thought that by me telling them I have Schiz. that I expected them to " do " something about it or expect them to " act " on it or again " help me " like what the doctors do
  7. Yeah I agree with your statement aswell. I have self harmed quite a bit in my past and I guess it's not my friends job to deal with my issues nor is it my place to have them to take care of me like I am crippled. I guess if I kept my mouth shut and yeah kept it sort of a secret things would have changed... oh well WIth my Self harm it was mostly " thin " and now if we changed places and that if I had to stick to my friend and it was nearly all the time " thin " I would feel like crap and would tell him to get help from a therapist of a pdoc coz there isn't much I can do? Not to sound cruel but my former friend basically said that " I can't sit next to you all day and watch you "
  8. I agree with that and a Pdoc or Therapist has those resourses to help. Another way of putting it would be if you had diabetes would you let your friends deal with it?
  9. Really coz I've had this illness for over a decade that I learnt that your mental illness should only be delt with and discussed with, with the mental health workers not your " friends ". Otherwise it will turn into a relationship with your " friend/s " into a pdoc and a patient relationship.
  10. Basically from reading most of the responses that with any type of mental illness, that if you're mostly down majority of the time that they are no longer treating you like a friend coz it turns into a doctor/patient relationship when you keep expressing and discussing your self harming with your " friend ". When I try to express my sadness with my friends it's like im asking them for " help " and I'm putting my issues out there for them to solve when I know now that, that's up to the mental health team. I found with my illness the only REAL people who bother with me are the mental health workers. I feel it's cruel and unfair coz technically I haven't done anything wrong to anyone else but when I try to see it from my " former " " friends " point of view I can see where he stands.
  11. I was just wondering when people find out about your schizophrenia after you tell them or by someone else spreading the information around how do they react? Is the stigma affecting your relationship with them? My story is that I had a best mate that we grew up together and after he found out he distanced himself and avoided me. One word disappointed...
  12. I don't have bipolar but I have a question about what a person saId to me that doesn't seem to make sense. Basically he said sometimes when a person suffers from bipolar and something bad happens that upsets them they can go Manic? I thought to myself WTF?? There was a word he used to describe it but I forgot it. An example he gave was when he heard that after one of his friends broke up with his girlfriend she turned hypomanic instead of being depressed and sad and then she would not stop talking and couldn't sleep and kept writing songs. Sorry if this is newbie question but I'm just interested coz ofcourse usually when something upsets you, you go sad, angry BUT happy?
  13. I just gota question that I've been thinking about for some time. People who work in jobs that have access to people's personal details such as birthdates, addresses, phone numbers and other crap. I'm not trying to be paranoid but if that worker for example in a phone shop gave away your address to another person or other people and they hassle you and god knows what else people can do with your date of birth if it falls into the wrong hands, what would happen to that worker? Are we talking jail time? How serious does the employer take it?
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