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    Working out, reading, trying new things... taking chances.

    Surviving..lol... comedy clubs.. movies, anything that helps me escape.

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  1. I wake up to THIS????

  2. My Doc put me on .5 MG of Lorazepam for the night time anxiety.. it seems to help.. that and the Ambied I take. but still wake up anxious at 330 AM.. and I have to go take another .5 mg of lorazepam just to settle down. I am under a lot of pressure lately.. work, strarting school ( which I hate)and a wife that is very selfish...
  3. I really appreciate your comment on my blog... and look foward to more chats...


  4. I take .05 mg of Lorazepam and 5 mg ( I half the pill) of Ambien every night I have to get up early.. I know I shouldnt be doing this.. but with out it, I just lay there... and MAYBE get 2-3 hours od=f sleep.. My question is does anyone else take Ambien every night?? and how does it affect you??
  5. I have been going to meetings once a week for about 6 months... I really didnt understand what this was.. and to a point.. still dont know now. the stories, I have heard.. like listening to myself.. I have been married a half dozen times.. and always have to have a woman to validate myself.. Is this part of my Borderline Personaity disorder??
  6. I appreciate everyones welcome.. I have been looking for a place to blog, with people who know what I am going thru.. I am looking foward to getting to know everyone
  7. I am Dave.. 50, Male.. live in the Houston area ... diagnosed with PTSD, OCD, and GAD... Just wanting to say hello.. invite everyone to look at my profile.. read my blog.. HELLO!!!!
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