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  1. Hi there, thought broadcaster, satorare friend?


  2. hi, I have dealt with Broadcasting thoughts for 10 years now. Funny enough I was going to college to be in filmmaking and tv broadcasting... before i knew i had schizo. ANYWAYS they put me on zyprexa, and it was a tough 3 years until i went on paxil too, for my social anxiety disorder, and it was nauseating like you know it is. But i just started writing about it, writing down everything that i thought of. Or broadcast. the pills actually helped me too. I was afraid people could hear my disturbing thoughts on my sexual fetishes, and it embarrassed me to no end. So, i decided to write about it, and make art about it, to tell people through my art that i liked these sexual fetishes. And it has helped. Its been a while since i've had a rough broadcast thought session. I knew what was going on, obviously couldnt control it, but i try to laugh about it. i try to talk some sense to myself when it happens. Just believe that it isn't true. well, hope that helped
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