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  1. Yeah my experience: If you can live and afford to be by youself then LIVE BY YOURSELF. No stress. More privacy. No one to argue with. You can do what you want.
  2. Yeah I know it's the pdoc's job to prescribe meds or "pills" and also that's like saying pharmacists are just " pill pushers " aswell
  3. I've met a lot of people who keep saying "PDOCS are just a bunch of pill pushers!" and these people who say that suffer from either schizophrenia, bipolar or depression. LMFAO. And then I'm like "Okay so you're still taking medication and seeing your pdoc?" Bagging out pdocs coz they prescribe drugs then calling them Pill Pushers then when you relapse from whatever mental illness and go back begging them for "Something" to help you get back your sanity then later blaming them and giving them crap for giving you "Pills" that you originally wanted in the first place and which kept you well. Talking about it like it's poison and by all means if it pisses you off that much then go off your meds or pills and stop seeing your pdoc coz they are just "Pill Pushers". LOL
  4. If you really want to stop akathisia properly just tell your pdoc to take u off the offending drug. Just using Mirtazapine or cogentin or even beta-blockers will just mask it.
  5. I remember a while ago from one of your previous posts that you said you were on clopixol tablets and the depot and that also ' saved ' your life? So why did you change?
  6. You might get a surprise when you wake up in the morning Yeah ask the pdoc why you have to have the blood tests and the heart scans
  7. what didnt they like about your suicide attempt? you'd think they would be more supportive???
  8. i couldn't tell him to keep it quiet coz i was on life support in the emergency department when he ' decided ' to tell others
  9. so u lost friends coz they knew about your suicide attempt. how did they know? did you tell them? let me ask you this: do you think they would have written you off if they DIDNT know about your suicide attempt?
  10. i have to assume the reasons behinds his actions and question it. coz he wont tell me why or what he did until i find out later. then i have to GUESS why he did it. thats manipulation and he knows that. then i think the worse and he tells me otherwise when i question him. then i end up begging for his forgiveness an example: ME: YOURE A BACKSTABBER YOU TOLD EVERYONE FRIEND: I ONLY TOLD THEM COZ THEY WERE WORRIED ABOUT YOU ME: OH IM SORRY i nearly died and now im the bad guy and people are treating me like glass
  11. sorry for the late post. this incident is frozen in my mind. can i ever trust him again? i feel he's being manipulative. if it was you would you still be friends with him? tried talking to him. he won't listen and he would be defensive about the whole situation. i told my pdoc about it and he gave me a funny look and said "DONT TRUST HIM" he shouldnt of done that
  12. SAPHRIS is now available in OZ(Australia) coz i just saw my pdoc today and he has lots and lots of samples of it. bout time. u guys in the states got this drug just like 3 years ago.. thought it was coming out in december here. christmas has come early. waaaaaaaaa
  13. antipsychotics BLOCK dopamine. there are different types of dopamine pathways. blocking dopamine in certain parts of the brain can cause EPS. blocking dopamine in the mesolimbic pathway IMPROVES positive symptoms of schizophrenia. the old typical antipsychotics block everything and are not selective while the atypicals are more selective at blocking dopamine THUS why there is A LOT less EPS and TD compared to the the old typicals the problem with the old typicals is that long term use(years, decades...) can cause irreversible damage to ur dopamine which is why TD is such a feared side effect and well known coz the typicals have been around forever. the typicals are more likely to give u movement disorders. TD is a reason why pdocs prefer the atypicals over the typicals. TD is pretty rare now days coz lets face it most of us are on the atypicals. the atypicals have much lower chance of movement disorders and permanent side effects yes it sucks u can put heaps of weight on with atypicals but i think TD is much worse and life ruining. to the extreme u can do something about the weight gain but no doctor on the planet can do squat if ur dopamine has been permanently damaged. stick to the atypicals. THE END
  14. just whenever i get bullied or feel under threat its "WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME???" while there are all these other people around and its ME they single out and it appears no one else is affected? or another example is some buff guy and his mates who just look like they have been in the gym for too long people are scared of them, obviously coz they dont want to get *hit* in the face. ever see any of those guys get picked on?
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