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  1. The spaghetti with carburetor a side of dip sticks and a nice class of tachometer was delicious!!! Seriously though thanks for the advice. I'm pretty sure I'm going to replace the tranny
  2. Oh, so very sorry. I can only imagine your feelings. As everyone said, please be gentle with yourself. Reach out here whenever you need to. ❤
  3. I think I'll try a forum, good suggestion. My guy said it's totally up to me. This post turned out better than I thought.
  4. Well damn if I'm not proud to be a Toyota owner now! Shit got me teared up a lil... Oh yea. I also peed myself laughing. Thanks 🤓
  5. Holy shit THAT was the funniest thing I've read in a very long time! I almost peed myself for God's sakes... When do you go on tour? I'm guessing your a professional 🤓
  6. So I bought an 05 Toyota Corolla for $3,200. I still owe about 300 on it and just found out that the transmission is shot. There's a hundred and sixty five thousand miles on it and I'm not sure if it's worth it to replace the transmission. It does not qualify for the Lemon Law. I live in New York state Any advice?
  7. I feel you. It's seems as though I'm stuck on a hamster wheel called life. Just trying to be an adult and I'm 51!! I hope you got some relief by now
  8. Sometimes I forget the day. Or when I wake up I briefly forget where I am
  9. This was such a good idea. I love seeing these critters ❤
  10. Well, on occasion I meet someone that I'm really drawn to who also expresses the same feeling. It seems mutual. Then something happens for example, he says he'd like to see me with my hair up wearing heels. I'm a jeans and tee shirt girl so I freaked out. He also wants to text/talk a lot. I'm a recluse outside of work. So I'm emotionally stunted and can't decipher what's what I think that I'm a princess Adam refer to it each time I need someone new! I NEVER would have considered any of this. Thank you! 💜
  11. But, how can I tell when getting to know someone, if my feelings are valid, or due to my abandonment pain? (Run on sentence 😳)
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