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  1. It's all come to a pressure point with my daughter and I don't know if I'm strong enough to deal.

    She missed school again, day 8. I told her I would get her dad involved. Now she's lashing out and I am crumbling

    1. jt07


      Dee, let her lash out. You have to be firm. Don't crumble. Parents really can't be friends with their teenage children. Once she becomes an adult and has to walk in your shoes for a while, you can become the best of friends. But right now she needs a firm parent, not a friend.

    2. Geek


      It sucks to be 17.

      It also sucks to parent a teenager - all teenagers, not just MI ones and not just when you're MI yourself! But being firm, holding your ground... she will thank you for that later. Remember that you're trying to keep her best interests in mind, not just her current interests.

      My father always said his goal was to have a good relationship with each of his children when they turned 25. His parenting strategies were not without issues, and we had a strained relationship when I was a teen. Still do - but I have more respect looking back now, than I did in the moment.

    3. deeschmee


      Good advice. All I can do is ignore her lashing out I guess. The hormones are fluctuating too. She triggers my MI when she lashes out.

      The school psychologist said not to respond to her texts/calls when she is at school. That she needs to learn how to develop coping skills. She us being counseled at school which is helpful.

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