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  1. Did you have any side effects? Lamictal is different than other medications I have have been told.
  2. I am missing the part that you told him heck no and he hasn't bugged you since.
  3. Also finding positive ways to calm rather than going with it might help. Knowing what is happening is half the battle.
  4. I was very descouraged when someone said that I was now like everyone else. But then again a good quality of life is worth it I think.
  5. I am not ocd but if I really get nervous about getting to sleep I count from 1,000 to one backwards. It somehow short circuits my thinking. I can't get to sleep because music is running through mind this works for me too. They say after 20 minutes if you can't fall to sleep you should get up for a while and then try it again. My pdoc recommended Benedryl as it isn't habit forming accordingly to her. Those are some of the things I have done.
  6. I am a big fan of compliance as if I don't take the meds there is a good chance of going back to what brought me to treatment in the first place or worse. As a result I have a very good quality of life. It is tricky so a medical doctor who specializes.in phychiatraic practice is the best source of treatment. I too think that it is typical to go off medications for bipolar people. It sounds like you didn't find the right combonation of medications this time. Please try it again, maybe with another pdoc. It can be dangerous for you and your loved ones to go it on your own.
  7. I definately agree. This is very much like I was unmedicated so a Med check adjustment might be in order. Now on lamictalI rapid cycle but my symptoms are muted. Keep a mood chart and I have found it very helpful. So does my doc.
  8. Mine said that she wanted me to nurture myself in this time of upheaval.
  9. Funniest. Thing. Ever. by WaveBreaker, on Flickr
  10. A woman went to a casino for the first time and soon got bored playing slot machines. She wandered up to a roulette table and asked how the game was played. The rules were explained and she "Well that sounds like fun. But what number should I bet on?" The croupier sighed and said, "why don't you just bet your age." So she said "OK, I'll put $20 on number 26." The wheel spun, the marble rattled around... and landed on 34.
  11. Was sort of kidding about the demons. But religious people are not more ignorant of mental illness than anyone else. When I have disclosed I think it could have been positive as I was able to educate them.
  12. I put friends and family but....I have to feel secure before. My family took a long time to accept my diagnosis and fought against my treatment even. My husband was the one who got me help and told them it had been his decision so they could talk to him about it. That took a lot of pressure off of me and I can talk with them in general. They can tell when I am having a tough time and tell me to take my chill pills. As far as friends..usually after they have known me for a while they can see that I am very inconsistent with my moods and I will not disclose right a way even though. I want to have them know me before I let them know for sure. I am high functioning I think. At church I was very open about it just to have people be frustrated as they wanted to cast that demon out of me . The also discounted me for anything but being a prayer project. From then on my pastor is told when it is time to take some leadership role..I must disqualify myself no matter what gifts or experience I may have as I can not maintain that kind of responsibility without destabilizing. His wife is told too..this is good and bad. My current employer does not know. I have worked part time as a merchandiser for 4 years and don't see him often. I use a scanner so it is pretty easy. it isn't a bad job for someone bipolar.
  13. I decidedt that God had given me a mission to be a business woman for Him. My husband, proud of me, picked up the slack at home. I wonder how it would have been if I had just seen myself as just a working mom.
  14. I was thinking what might be helpful for the newly diagnosed among us. Then what would have been helpful to me. If I knew then what I know now: I would definitely do more research on the medications and the way bipolar works. I think I had way too much trust in my pdoc. Also for some reason, I felt that since bipolar was a chemical imbalance I didn't need to get therepy. Now I see how badly needed someone to walk me through acceptance of the diagnosis and life medicated. How about you?
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