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  1. I've always found Lexapro to be stimulating, and I've heard from others that some ADs stimulate them, just was wondering.
  2. This is somewhat confusing, some ADs do in fact stimulate people's systems then?
  3. /elbows his way through the rude marm herd Kind of like all drugs work the same on every person amirite? I thought I had heard they stimulate parts of the brain, guess I was wrong, that's why people ask questions. We can't all be as all knowing as you are
  4. I've always had bad anxiety so I could never tell. I just no the anxiety always seemed worse when coming off a benzo, maybe because I got used to not being anxious and forgot the stink of it.
  5. Not everyone reacts the same to drugs. If that were the case everyone would be taking the same thing. And aren't most AAPs meant to be downers? or anti-manic for the most part? If that's the case you could totally get depressed from an AP, especially since they slow your thoughts down.
  6. OCD and anxiety go hand in hand. Sounds like you have a bit of both. And having a little OCD is a good thing if you ask me, only when it starts to consume you is when it needs to be treated by a professional. If that's the case you should go see a psychiatrist.
  7. Ya I stay up pretty late. I thought they were CNS stimulants though? I've read in other places they speed up neurons. But that's why I ask, to know for sure. Edit: yep that link was worthless
  8. Ads are stimulants correct? They are designed to speed up the system while plowing over anxiety and depression?
  9. My Pdoc's nurse seemed to think it was psychosis, because I have a lot thoughts about stabbing along with dissociation, but I seem to be improving on Zyprexa. She doesn't think I'm psychotic now, only that I may have gone through an episode. Unfortunately I still have the shitty thoughts.
  10. I feel for you alien, I have the same thoughts, I was standing behind my father at dinner and I was sure I was going to stab him in the back of the head. I never do these things, but I always think them. I haven't had it yet to where I was sure I DID do it, but I have heard that people with OCD have that symptom to where they'll turn their car around just to make sure they didn't do it. Not sure if it's psychosis, sounds like OCD, but I'm no doctor. I think most people with OCD believe things that are false.
  11. This symptom has been distressing me a lot lately. This thought that I'm going to snap and hurt my dog or family. It gets really bad and the thoughts are very morbid. It gets so bad that I've even considered being locked up to keep everyone safe. When does it cross the line from OCD to psychosis I wonder? My Pdoc's nurse said the thoughts about losing control and stabbing someone is a psychotic symptom that goes beyond OCD. However, the OCD book I'm reading says the opposite, it's an ocd symptom.
  12. I stopped smoking today because it seems to have an impact with the APs I'm on. I got that unreality feeling a few times after smoking cigarettes while on both seroquel and zyprexa. Hope I can get through the crappy nicotine withdrawals.
  13. Gonna go ahead and disagree with this topic. ADs don't change personality, they just make you the person you were before getting depressed and anxious all the time. That's it. If you're saying THAT is the change then I suppose you're right. Rather than being the depressed you, you're the not depressed you.
  14. Could be the withdrawal, could also be where you stand without an AD in your system.
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