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  1. I have taken both at different points in treatment. I did gain a lot of weight on ER. I liked it though for the good all day coverage. I was not too sleepy as long as I took it early enough. Then I went on Abilify and lost 30 lbs but the side effects were awful. Twitching and tremor and drooling. Now I am back on Seroquel IR, taking it late at night. It is working fine and I manage to fall asleep before the hunger takes over. I am on a low dose of 200 mgs. You really need to try both to find your best option. It is expensive however.
  2. Next month as in JULY? I think you should call and ask for an emergency appointment as you do not sound well at all. Call your doctor. And could it be that you are having ruminating thoughts, OCD torment about your odd philosophy and beliefs? If you treat the OCD you might feel much better.
  3. I could not be a therapist because of the boundary issue. I am too empathetic. As it is I take my clients home with me and worry about their insurance issues. Could not handle being the repository of so much emotion and troubles. No, it would make me miserable. That said, people confide in me. And I enjoy that trust.
  4. I really hope you get some help for this before it ruins your health.
  5. well, seems to me you are brave to be dating glad for you
  6. It is good that you have insight. Dark thoughts are a miserable experience.
  7. I would be scared to be alone too after long years of marriage and motherhood Maybe you could meet a partner involved in something you love like art someone you have something in common with, an artist's collective, go to openings, show your work, a kindred spirit
  8. wow you are very brave, amazes me that you are out dating and on Tinder?! just play safely water we are the same age and I always thought if I lost my husband somehow I would not date, seems hard at my age. But young men? huh I just want you to be happy. You deserve to feel loved and be happy in a relationship.
  9. that means a lot to me I am glad to be back and I need a break from watching MSNBC and CNN It is 80 here today and people are warm!!! you know how Seattle is
  10. oh my god, all that has happened to you in three years?? it is overwhelming My condolences for the deaths, including kitty and your aunt Your girl will be out of the house soon enough. All the Prom business sounds expensive. Did you go to Prom? It was just a dress and a corsage. Glad you are ok, I am sending you warm thoughts and best wishes.
  11. Good luck, hang in there. I hate people who prey on the elderly.
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