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  1. there is nothing in a health insurance contract stating they will not pay for a procedure if you leave early or against medical advice nothing
  2. dances, I was reading this thread. Just wanted to tell you that I am sorry you are having medication issues.
  3. I had low sodium as a side effect of a new drug I was trying. Years, ago.... maybe Invega??? I was very weak and woozy and the lab tech employees did not want me to drive myself home. It resolved when I went off the med.
  4. we are certainly getting on each others nerves and I get lost in my head and do similar things which totally annoy Transgester. I hope I would not put the cat poop scooper on the stove. That truly is gross. lol but we are in a similar place and this staying home is tiresome I take my dog outside a lot
  5. well I was an angry, depressed teen girl I wouldn't go overboard with the consequences my mother called the police when I left the house without her permission and had me thrown in juvenile hall that did NOT help me or the situation you are in a difficult position
  6. well, we are at a level rate of new infection which is not great California, which we are near, has an increasing rate and their Governor has pulled by the reins and reinstated Phase 1 restrictions on business. So all those small business will have to close again. That is very difficult and expensive for them. I am doing ok.
  7. Good luck, I hope it is a helpful time for you.
  8. I have been dealing with some cognitive deficits after have Acute Encephalopathy last fall. I had a 13 day hospitalization in a Neurology Acute Care Hospital - I was lucky that I live near such a specialized place and lucky that my husband and doctor were able to get me admitted. I totally lost 6 or 7 days. Had a lot of confusion and still have memory challenges. Reading was hard for some months and I was always a reader. It makes me sad writing about it. I did a lot of speech therapy in the rehab hospital after my hospitalization. sigh But now I am working full time. Just not at the speed and ease before the illness.
  9. Beaux visited an Internal Medicine Specialist Vet for a thorough work up. He wrote a lengthy three page pathology report which I won't even try to summarize. Good news is Beaux's platelets have increased from 6000 to 128000. Normal is 200000. Beaux is getting better. No more vomiting, better appetite, better energy, and less diarrhea. I am so happy and relieved. The risk of a spontaneous hemorrhage is now over. He is still sick but he is not dieing. Thank you for all your support.
  10. Thank you all for responding. I am sitting at my desk crying.
  11. A lot can change in 20 days. It no longer seems like Beaux just has an ulcer. It is looking more like Leukemia. I am heartbroken. I have already spent $1600 and I don't have a diagnosis. But this week we see two specialists, Veterinarian specialists. One is in Internist and the other treats dogs with cancer and uses alternative treatments. Beaux has low platelets. He had two blood tests last week. In one he had 16 platelets and in the other he had 12 platelets. He is supposed to have hundreds of platelets. There is still blood in his stool, some vomiting, some bruising on his body, and some blood on his gums. Sometimes he is lethargic and does not want to walk. I am not supposed to over exert him. Still eating chicken and rice. I am suffering grief, anxiety, and fear. He is the best dog I have ever had and we are very close. I can't imagine life without him and he is only ten years old. Let's hope I get some answers about his health. If you are the praying type please pray for us. Good thoughts are welcome too.
  12. I have tried a lot of drug and I'm sensitive and have side effects Zyprexa of course is gold for the brain but is even worse for weight gain. Abilify makes me twitch and have wierd movements - scary I have decided that any movement or walk no matter how short will help me with this weight gain. Just keep moving. Lots of ten minute walks with Beaux is better than the couch.
  13. thank you jarn I took Beaux out for an extra little walk I need to keep moving even though I feel terrible in my body
  14. slept in drank coffee and watched The View ate yogurt walked the dog, he still has some diarrhea from his ulcer working in my office hopefully I stay productive invited to an online zoom celebration at 6 pm, need the sign in information
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