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After decades of emotion, depression, exhilaration, and otherwise dramatic living I had a psychotic mania induced by Paxil. It took four or five years and 3 or 4 Psychiatrists to find a good med combo. I am grateful every day for Lithium. I am self employed and happily married. My spouse is a trans man. Transgester

We have two sons who are adults, 4 baby granddaughters, and a dog. My dog, Beaux is a white miniature poodle and I adore him. 

It took some years to become adjusted to this new stable self. It just seemed a little dull after so much fireworks and enthusiasm. However my commitment to my husband, family, and clients keeps me med compliant. I am self employed and the sole support of our family. My husband is disabled.

I love music, from Bach to Zydeco, books, movies, and travel. I am also a believer in adjunct treatment and activities to support my mental stability.


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