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  1. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia years ago, due to intrusive thoughts. But now i wonder if i was mis-diagnosed and actually have OCD? Should i bring this up with my psychiatrist?
  2. I called him and told him what happened, and asked about Cogentin. He said he was going to offer that as an option, so that's what we're doing. I really hope it works!
  3. Clozapine didnt work for me, and i gained 60lbs, which i hated. Currently trying Loxapine which has its own problems, but i like it better than Clozapine.
  4. I really, really like Loxapine. It helps me control my weight, my psychotic symptoms etc. Everything. With one downside. If i take more than 25mg, my eyes roll back in my head and stay there until i take Benadryl. My NP likes to play it safe, is afraid of NMS, I want to just ask him if he'll write me daily Cogentin for it (as Benadryl is not a very good long term option), but i dont even know if that's a thing? Im in over my head...
  5. I gained like 60lbs on Clozaril and still had symptoms, so my shrink put me on Loxapine which he said will help reduce the carb cravings/ constant hunger. I took my first dose last night, i really hope it works out for me!
  6. Anyone have any experience with this? My shrink put me on it because apparently they temporarily stopped making Haldol or something... I gained 60lbs on Clozaril, apparently this will help me lose the weight.
  7. Latuda made me vomit a lot, and constantly feel queasy. Clozapine really is the last medication for me, i've tried nearly everything else.
  8. 1) Im treatment resistant, but he has hope that clozapine will work for me, as it tends to work well for treatment resistant schizophrenia. 2) He's retiring in December. And it's really hard to find a psychiatrist around here. FML.
  9. I've constantly got the munchies, luckily im remembering to eat healthy foods instead of the half loaf of bread i really want lol
  10. Started Clozaril, currently taking 25mg in the morning and 50mg at night. Got taken off Trilafon, then randomly told upon discharge that i was to take it again. Fuck that, im not taking 3 antipsychotics at once! They werent kidding about the munchies though, holy crap..
  11. No, there's not much evidence of it being effective for schizophrenia... i think about it sometimes for my depression, but effexor works well enough for me
  12. Im going back IP tomorrow and i think they're going to start me on Clozaril because my "last resort" medication is no longer working like it should. My questions are: How bad is the drowsiness? Like are you a total mong all day, or is it something that can be overcome? Did you gain much weight on it?
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