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  1. I had Flash reach above the 'fridge and get our blender down. It was my Grans, so it will make you feel old, Woo! It is all metal, even has a metal blender jar. It has a braided cord and an ebonite plug. It is brand marked Ge/General Electric and works just like it was meant to. I have bought a couple of blades for it over the years and it chops ice as fine as could be desired. I had an immersion blender and it worked well for a time, but certainly not as long as it should and never did blend as well as I thought it should.
  2. I have always thought that Panax Ginseng was contraindicated in any schizophrenia condition...have you done any peer-reviewed investigation of ginseng? This might be a good place to start: Rx List Let us know what you learn about using the supplement and contradictions.
  3. Very large. Five weeks and five days in Tibet after the earthquakes. What two things frequently brings you satisfaction?
  4. The breeze from the canyons that has lowered the humidity. The colour yellow. The quiet of the morning.
  5. You dislike me, maybe you even hate me, that is OK. I have nothing invested in you. However, I will not engage in a pissing contest with you and that is your goal. I answered your wholly negative question honestly. I suggest that you simply ignore me. That will save you feeling as if you have to be snide and snippy. It will save me from burning citronella. A walk in the park or a sitting meditation?
  6. I just finished "When I Married My Mother" by Jo Maeder. Ms. Maeder's editor called the book, "...a misfit memoir and a great family saga." It is also poignant, filled with brilliantly described emotional, mental, and familial conflict. It is genuine, heart-opening, and insightful. The Kindle edition includes a section of questions for group discussion, a luxury often forgot by authors and editors.I spent a couple of days slowly winding my way through the questions and wishing for a book discussion group!
  7. Hating is a waste of time and energy. Although I admit that I hate hating. Watermelon or cantaloupe?
  8. Stonewall Inn excerpt: >> Commission unanimously voted to bestow upon the gay bar—notably, the site of an epic 1969 police raid and, according to almost every speaker at the hearing, the birthplace of the modern gay rights movement—landmark status. The room erupted in applause, with audience members embracing one another in celebration of the news, which has coincided with the start of New York City's Pride Week.<<
  9. Grilled garden pizza: hot, gooey, and delicious. Making pizza in the Weber kettle cooker is the only way to pizza-it in 112° weather.
  10. I have a 1954 version of her cookbook: it is wonderfully wondrous. James Beard called her one of the greatest cooks "of all times".
  11. Well Mike Huckabee can kiss his chance at the presidency GOODBYE. Is that gem truly all you saw on the link Gearhead provided? Especially as this thread has been, at heart, a celebration of marriage equality? However, please start a dissenters to discuss Huckabee and/or the presidential race. No, no, please it is not necessary to respond. ... retrospective exhibit.
  12. The White House, Washington, D.C. Photo: Gary Cameron/Reuters
  13. Each time a province, state, or country ratifies equal marriage is adds stability and strength to the foundation. I agree that there is a long ways to go. But a good start has been made with Ontario, Ireland, and the USA. So, let's do celebrate for what had been accomplished as well as for what remains to be done. Does anyone have some sparklers?
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